100 euros more in minimum wage? But not for everyone!

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equally, there is one year that the minimum wage has been raised by 100 euros. There were still some polemical bickering around whether the 100 should be net or gross, but an agreement was found, and the decision did well for many people involved. If one is at a minimum wage, 100 euros is a lot of money! And it was clear from the start: the 100 are for everyone. Unfortunately, there is one exception, and it meets those who are really the weakest in our society, namely the disabled. On the other hand, all the handicapped persons received the 100 euro, but only at first glance they all were!

It is sometimes the difference between disabled people living at home and living in those provided with a structure, a studio and a shelter; this may be based on a choice of the parents, the tutor, but it may also be dependent on the disability itself. Those at home are better off in this case! As I said, all RPGH (revenue for personal gravity handicaps) could benefit from that minimum wage. For people living at home, this means a house of 100 euros minus social charges = 76 euros net. Certainly not the devil, but it helps, because those people get a daily allowance, if I may call it that, a montoon imunisé of around 690 euros.


he other handicapped, who work and live in a structure, also received this sum. On the other hand, the pension cost of the structure increased to the same amount, so that for those people the 76 euro is tax. With the 690 euro “daily allowance”, the disabled have to agree to buy clothes and shoes – often more expensive than paying for a non-disabled, doctor and pharmacy, to afford leisure and possibly a Travel to plan.

Of course parents can jump in, but there are those who cannot afford it without any further effort. And parents are not there forever. Does a tutor remember the same thoughts as the parent who contacted me ?! It should already have been some kind of intervention in the family ministry, nothing has happened to date. Certainly there are greater injustices, but in this case they are like, because they are just the disabled!



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