62 file and no one should talk to each other!

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few days ago I got a visit from two policemen about 22:00. They asked me if I had a creek behind the house and if I had walked through a nightmare 10 minutes earlier? Funny question about the time, but the two manageable agents we got the explanation: a neighbor of mine would see such a torch in the forest and therefore called the police. I pointed out the two men along the way, but found no one and nothing.

The following day, however, I asked myself questions: why didn’t that neighbor call me or didn’t come with me? Were there really “real” cops ?! I called for a robbery at noon (113) and was referred from there to the police of the municipality of Luxembourg. So my question was: did it really become an official act because of a torchlight? The officer on the phone told me that would fall under the privacy; he couldn’t and couldn’t tell me anything because he didn’t get into that file, so I had to talk to him at night. I was a bit perplexed! It was just a flashlight, I did not want to know a name, only got the confirmation that it was a deployment of the police grand-ducale. The man, however, was formal and said – in my interpretation – a bit embittered: “the rules of the game were not imposed by me”.


s I said: a banality! What would have happened if it had been a major incident ?! For example, if I was assaulted? If so – when I was injured or not with a flashlight? Would I have to wait there until the respective layers started to talk to the police? In the sense of efficient working, these procedures are probably not. But no one is reproaching to the various agents: they were all manual, and the night shift confirmed to me the longing for the search for the torch.

In the elaborate discussion of the file (62) that emerged over the decades, many words of privacy are discussed. That’s good! But my little incident about a flashlight shows that one can exaggerate it too!



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