A city is fooling itself!

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Ialmost came into this world, living in the city and having it closed in my heart. It makes me sadder to see what drives the business world, or better, what the owners of the houses can afford. Renters climb and climb, normal business people no longer pack it, even the big chains no longer do it. I myself often go into a clothing store with a bad animal. Also, the store that has its subsidiaries all over the world has to move 200 meters in the Grand Avenue, just because of the rent!

The crisis and the luxury…

… was the headline 5 years ago by Dany Schumacher in the Luxemburger Wort. She then wanted to point out that quite a number of people were still dragging on the sequels of the financial crisis and were not prepared to spend much money, and that on the other hand, there were many luxury stores in the city. This way, I had a 700-euro freight string (good for low C02 production) that the fewest women could afford. The situation was particularly bad in that year, as a number of the businesses belonging to the same owners had to close.

But even today, dark clouds are emerging.

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A total of 5 shops are closed in the Grand-Rue and await new tenants, other businesses have moved or are in the process of doing so. Most recently, two Luxembourg companies, a quincaillerie and a winery. One said it was easier to hire his sales staff, the other might not have picked the right business model. In the background, all together, there is the very high rent: 27,000 euros in the Chimay’s-Gaass, between 36,000 and 40,000 at the place for a big cafe-restaurant. If you have to pay for 20 people, you can easily calculate how much steak will have to go through the cash, to make some money. Where Macaron is sold, 27 miles away, a store that sells underwear moves about a few hundred yards because the rent has doubled as well !!

It’s about time to rethink! Radical!

I am not a big friend of state that the state should be too much in terms of things. Usually, the market itself is regulated. About 20 years ago, the bread price was still set at state. Today no more, and if one goes to a normal bakery, the price is usually reasonable. Of course, there are exceptions. Idem for the price of wine; which, however, went through more than one place through the ceiling. 8-10 euros for a normal horse. Of course, this is not the sole fault of the VAT company.

I am of the opinion that there is a ceiling by the municipality of Luxembourg for the price of a meter meter. Listen to damn communist, right !? However, I think it’s about time! Also, I don’t necessarily think of a low ceiling, relatively expensive, but that further speculation will cease.

“The state did not interfere!” thank you very much now. Yes, but he does so in other areas. The smoking ban and restaurant / café is such a blend of state and private economy, and a private space. The argument: health. And it made sense! Why can’t health be invoked here, including the financial costs of a restaurateur or kaleidon vendor ?! It would calm down in the march …


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