A former police officer is fighting for his honor!

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André Steffen was a police officer in his early life. For a time he worked as an “undercover”, as an “agent caché” for the anti-drug department of the police judiciary. In 1996, there was a disciplinary inquiry against him because the man did not adhere to certain rules of the game. The investigation was failed because nothing was reported about the incident. But shortly thereafter, other quarters came: he could have done various things, such as drugs, so say a TATORT in the police themselves. André Steffen came to court in 1998 and received 5 years in prison, one with sursis. He dropped two of them, although in isolation. Going back to the police was impossible, the man had been appointed secretary by the Mondorf Domaine Thermal and has been in retirement for a few years.

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T he policeman always represented the theory that he had been laid off by his peers, various other uniforms – and not the least – would have made him a trap to let him go. On the other hand, he failed to appear on the court, but now André Steffen wanted to find new elements that could prove his innocence.

The man seems to be important: 20 years after his condemnation, he did not necessarily have to re-affair, he could now finally enjoy his retirement. Ma no! For him, it is probably a matter of principle, the man would like his honor to be a former police officer. And of course, the people who returned to him were killed during the last two decades. Well, he can’t get out of place!


S he is asking Justice Felix Braz to review the process. A first date dated March 14th.

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The ministry responds 10 weeks later, refusing to resume the process. The basis of this refusal is in the opinion of a relevant committee, which will be put together for such cases. André Steffen’s lawyer, Major Laurent Ries, has to resume a second time, and writes another letter to the Minister stating that the Commission in its opinion had done nothing to explain its contents 20 years ago. , however, would not have accounted for the new elements at all to Mr Steffen. The Minister has so far not responded to this letter, dated 19 September. As I said: no accusé de reception! The lawyer again reported in writing to the Minister in January of this year.

Here is the link to part of this courier: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iucqq86ggvighg0/nouveau%20document%202019-05-07%2015.50.20.pdf?dl=0


I n other words, André Steffen and his lawyer would like the new events to be taken into account to start the process, including a witness statement. And in that declaration, a police officer puts other colleagues in a rather dark light. Not uninteresting! One should bring it all up for discussion….


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