A house and its heritage

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Sometimes, things happen in people’s lives, they turn heads! Such a story was carried to me by Jean-Paul Goergen. The man has been in retirement for about 9 years, but, as he has always been used to working, he wanted to demolish his old house in Bollendorf-Pont and leave something new for his family there. He met with a promoter and it was all opened and the architect went with the plans on the community. However, this infamous man came with a hammer: the house is under a monument! The owner was horrified. Never before did he go, he writes to me in a longer and winding text. So he went to the service of the monument of history, where a dear lady said to him after a long search: “In all our files and files on the computer I cannot find your house!”

What was there then? Does the borough community have other information, such as the relevant service? Did not the municipality disagree with the relevant administration? The homeowner did not become and, on the advice of the historical monuments, consulted an expert, who confirmed to him that it would make no sense to restore the old house, it would be wasteful;

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it would definitely be more expensive than setting up something new. However, the expert went on to meet him and asked for confirmation once again that the house was classified in 2009. Will the owner be included in the picture? Did he overlook something in his courier? In any case, Jean-Paul Goergen is formal in saying that no speech has ever been reached. The man looks upset and feels completely overdone.

What exactly is behind this thing? Can a municipality classify a home without notifying the owner without having discussed it in advance? It is possible that the landlord had discussed it elsewhere and had discussed this with the municipality over a possible sale of the house. Jean-Paul Goergen writes to me verbatim: “I have nothing to lose, I have lost almost everything.” He sells the terraces but with a house demolished, which costs dearly to be renovated, which of course lowers the price! Perhaps, according to this article, there are other people who looked similar; from a political point of view, I say that two decades ago, those irregularities in the procedure that would have been completely resolved today would have been effective. There is also a difference between monumental historical national and the heritage that a municipality decides through the procedure of their PAG.

On this subject also an article by Jochen Zenthöfer:




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