A third chamber. Also in Luxembourg?

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“We want to risk more democracy. We want a society that offers more freedom and demands more responsibility. ”

Willy Brandt

Citizens councils.As the third chamber. In this country too, it is definitely a model of direct democracy instead of our “audience democracy”. A new form of participatory democracy that would only do our “classic” politics good! And the possibility of political participation of all citizens living in our country, regardless of any nationality, whether the EU or not! That would be very good for our modern country, which wants to position itself better and better internationally!

If randomly selected people shape democracy … then only chaos can arise? How different opponents of direct democracy models would object immediately. Mistake. The example of Ireland shows the opposite: for particularly controversial issues, which Parliament hardly dared to approach, citizens’ councils have been drawn up by lot. Parliament found the proposals convincing and the citizens voted for them with a clear majority in referendums. This year in France, there will be a referendum on the results of the Climate Citizens’ Council currently running there. Even if this stimulating topic “climate change” may annoy some in Mary’s tranquil country … In any case, President Emmanuel Macron, the violently attacked, scolded president of the “Grande Nation”, who also has his positive sides, recently quit on January 10th 2020, on. In addition, randomly selected citizens’ councils are to become the third chamber of the republic. A very recommendable initiative that you should definitely address in this country – and also put into practice!

Macron had answered the questions of the National Climate Citizens’ Council, which has been meeting since October 2019, on January 10, 2020. The 150 randomly selected citizens had invited the head of state to the fourth of their seven meetings. At the meeting, the President renewed his promise made at the beginning of the “Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat”: “Nothing is made of what you put on the table, on the contrary. I promise that strong decisions will be made on this basis. “Macron announced that all French would have a referendum to decide on the recommendations of the Citizens ‘Council.” If the Citizens’ Council sends a bill for submission in a referendum, it will be proposed for binding application If it is a proposal, the referendum will be consultative. ”

In this country, you should also take these paths, regardless of topic, of course. Citizens’ councils should not be conceived as a “sticky note” or protest against parliaments or governments, but on the contrary, to strengthen our EU democracies. Knowing that democracy has to be a living, moving event, a process that has to adapt to society again and again! Citizens’ councils should serve as an instrument of participatory democracy, a compass that is available to parliaments and provides political guidance. They are intended to provide ideas, guidelines, or to set the course that should help these parliaments decide where our democracy must develop in the coming years and decades. In this way, one can absolutely overcome the more and more perceived distance between people and politics and also effectively combat the prevailing disenchantment with politics.

So we can only all win!

Frank Bertemes

Citizens ‘Councils The Citizens’ Council is not intended as a protest or memo, but rather as a help in deciding where our democracy must develop in the coming years and decades and with which course of action Parliament really represents the citizens.


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