Abra Cadabra Abra!

Image by Maklay62 from Pixabay

There, for 5 years, the so-called future fund. The “sovereign intergovernmental fund”, our national mosque, the apple for the thirst and times when it is not doing so well economically. The Trinity Coalition has the absolute merit, the fund, about which CSV has long debated, also actually set it up. In fact, such a reserve could have been created 20 years ago, as the last 2 decades have been excellent for the country – in spite of the poor banking crisis – financially; regularly the revenue for the public budget was estimated to be about 10 to 15 billion francs. This was compensated for all the money invested in government investment funds, which made it more economical. So now we’ve got the fund, in which the estimated 265 million euros had to be banked.

Each year, the government (Gramegna) earns 50 million in that fund, since the creation of the fsi thus 250 million, plus the money raised through the investments of that money. For the 2017 exercise, an additional 6 million were added. Good job! But then, what was going on there

Image by Maklay62 from Pixabay

Year 2018? Well, it must have been fooled into investing in the investment portfolio, because it made a mortgage of 8.5 million euros! This is already violent, and it is not surprising that the CSV men Wilmes and Wiseler come up with a question in this context; and how small tip buildings they ask the finance and social minister how much money was then made in the pension scheme for that year. In this fund compensation is 19 billion and it is normal for performance to decline significantly. No matter, it is worthwhile to make a comparison of who has invested and what has been invested in it. After all, it has no purpose to take away 50 million from the state a year, and that fund, and then to melt the money there, like the butter in the sun. 50 million a year is also not very much, especially for the last 2 years, where it has been booming economically. 50 million is less than our free public transport cost! However, it is becoming increasingly clear from economic and financial circles that optimism should be curbed this year, the figures would not be the best!







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