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when small men see big



Yves Marsch (LASEP-heavy) always lived on a big foot when his own wallet did not have to pay for his financial escapades, as it was befitting for a real caviar socialist. Last Wednesday, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” posed an affair for the Luxembourg political scene on the international scandal stage. According to the rapporteur, Yves Marsch and his lovely wife flew to Australia in the most expensive class. ECB cost: € 10,000 per ticket!

Before Marsch was appointed Luxembourg member of the ECB’s Executive Board in Frankfurt in 2012, the good Yves was president of the Luxembourg central bank with his neat seat on the capital’s Boulevard Royal.

The local government members were annoyed regularly about the machinations of those suffering from Napoleon syndrome, because they were a little too short. When our ministers traveled to Frankfurt, they always flew “economy class”. Our little president and despot, however, was always in the sauteur “business class” of Juxair for the almost 20 minute flight.

This misconduct naturally brought up the Cour des Cons, how could it be otherwise. But Marsch fiercely resisted control of his institution by the control body of Marc Lengler (CSFaul-heavy). Marsch repeatedly claimed that the central bank was only under the control of the CSSF and not the jealous gnomes of the Cour des Cons. This dispute, not hidden from the public, then made politics nervous and the budgetary control committee of the Chamber of the Dead publicly supported the efforts of the Cour.

Thereupon the clever Yves Marsch got a positive rifle aid from the ECB in Frankfurt and this wrote a favor report and he was off the hook. He never learned how to save.

It was similar with his luxury villa on the “Eecherfeld” in Eich. Here Yves Marsch bought a ruin for cheap money. It was worthless because it was outside the building perimeter, similar to the garden shed by Roberto Transversini (Déi Gréng), in the green area. At least that is his price depressing argument against the seller. But the clever garden gnome received the necessary building permit from the former mayor Paul Schelminger (pinball party), a valuable document as it would later become apparent.

The successor of Schelmingen, the mayor of all citizens Xav Bettschel (pinball party), however, withdrew this building permit from the impostor from the Boulevard Royal. This not lazy, went to court and the hard-working mayor of the capital went, for whatever reason, bathing miserably. Until the publication of these lines, it was not entirely clear why the then Environment Minister, Marco Schwank (CSFaul), also allowed the luxury villa.

The little jealous


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