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rope teams bind male friendships and success


The fact that Jeannot Gringo (Wendehals), former director of the financial inspection on behalf of Prime Minister Xavier Betschel (pinball party), was examining the financial situation at the grand ducal court and delivering the results with recommendations for the future on Friday last, cannot and should not remain uncommented. Gringo, in particular, who as director of the financial inspection did not take public money very seriously if the Chose arranged him or his best friends, was to commission the government, as a so-called gray eminence, to analyze the court’s expenditure in a manner that would attract the public. As head of the financial inspection, he would have had to do this for several decades, but the hunt for royalties in various boards of directors was more important to him.

But also for his friends the close connection with him should not be without lasting damage. These were contemporaries à la Guy Pokkendorf (CSFaul-heavy) long-time senior mufti in the Ministry of Unculture, Georges Caltex (chameleon) long-time director of Shit et Monuments, also known as the “painter of Christnach”, and climate aunt Erna Händikäp Schëppschnëss (CSFaul). These choice decision-makers could do whatever they wanted on budget, while everyone else always had to save, whatever the cost.

Also, Jeannot Gringo made little secret of the fact that his heart never went in the direction of the monarchy. Although it was compulsory to participate in the public festivities for the national holiday as a high-ranking civil servant, the good Jeannot always shone through absence. This was also the case for the invitations to Berg Castle, which he refused stubbornly as he is, without exception, and not infrequently put himself in the spotlight. Jeannot Gringo was undoubtedly the most ideal civil servant to write an objective and comprehensive report on the financial conduct of the Grand Ducal Court.

All transport ministers, especially Lucien Jux (Lasep) and butcher’s son Henri Gretchen (pinball party) did not get the CFHell on the rails because our esteemed Jeannot squeezed the budget funds requested for decades. Until someone came up with the super clever idea of ​​making the good man Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Railway. From this moment on the money blessing stopped and, from a financial point of view, insane projects sprout like mushrooms. The immensely expensive funicular in the Siechenhof-Pfaffental is the most wonderful example of a wasted public money.

The good man Jeannot Gringo stood at the end of the 1980s, out of pure self-interest, in the first row of a citizens’ initiative to prevent the construction of the Fischer bread factory in Roodt / Syr. The community leadership gave in to penetrating public pressure and refused to build. The Fischer bakery then went to court and of course was right and the public had to put a significant amount of compensation money on the table, in addition to the legal and court costs. A piquant thing about this story is the fact that Gringo was a leading member of the Betzdorf local authority’s always accurate municipal finance commission.

Spit it out in the gray cells of the director of Shit et Monuments, then Georges Caltex tinkered with his notorious center in Wisconsin (USA) and dragged sacks full of money to America with the benevolent blessings of the director of financial inspection until the Cour des Cons said: “Now it’s going to be fat”.

In return, the busy Georges wrote a book sponsored by the Ministry of Culture entitled “Via Vera” a cultural path for the municipality of Betzdorf, with a foreword by Jeannot Gringo, this time in his capacity as Chairman of the a.s.b.l. “Musek am Syrdall”, an association that was always allowed to trough the money, even with a tight budget. One hand washes the other.

While the healthcare system was unsuccessfully begging for new hospital infrastructures, Erna, the climate aunt, was given considerable funding by Gringo with her Pokkendorf water carrier. These were destined for the construction of the craziest cultural infrastructures, such as the center of Neumünster in the city grounds, which also houses the pretty offices of Shit et Monuments, for the “Oh meng Pei Museum” on Kirchberg and the Villharmonie, also on Kirchberg. The money flowed in undiminished amounts.

The Niederanven cultural center has been operating in the pretty community of Raymond Rivaner (CSFaul) for some time. The director of this cultural center happens to be the daughter of Jeannot Gringo, called Nora. It was also by chance that Pokkendorf was the long-time chairman of the board of this institution, which has a lot of partners to show. First and foremost is Ernst & Jung, the auditor who cannot complain about the flood of orders from the financial inspection.

BGL BNP PARISBAS is also one of the partners of the Kulturhaus. By coincidence, it goes without saying that the CEO of this bank, Etienne Euter (Situationist), former manager of the bankruptcy consultancy ARTHUR ANDERSEN, is now the director of the financial inspection, so Gringo’s successor. Likewise Luxairport, whose CEO Tom Scheissgerber (vassal for the rough), former employee and confidant of Jeannot Gringo in the financial inspection, is a declared partner of the Niederanven cultural center. The last in the group is the secret broadcaster 100.7. As it happens, Jean-Marie Grethel (royalties collector on duty) and part-time financial inspector at the financial inspection has been on the board of directors of this public-law institution from the start.

Xavier always has a lucky foot for the fat pot.

The big one with long-term memory.


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