ABSURDISTAN IN CITY AND COUNTRY: where can the Lord forgive?

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Damn, do the work you’re paid for!

Whenever there is a conscious violation of laws, regulations or common sense in this country, politicians, the state-controlled media world and the general public cry out in unison for new texts or, better yet, more sophisticated, for a code de deontology. Would you like an example? The former Député-maire of the third largest city in the country, namely from Lasauvage and the surrounding area, Roberto Transversini (muesli), can be freshly financed from the municipal treasury, of course, refreshes and illuminates the way to his inherited properties. Through an employment initiative, of which he was the president, he had a wooden cladding attached to his garden shed free of charge. In the middle of a nature reserve, the fearless Roberto removed a larger tree population and had significant earthmoving work carried out without a permit.

The Député-maire of Lasauvage and the surrounding area had clearly violated several laws, at least against the municipal law and the nature conservation law, in the eyes of its neighbors, the responsible forester, the community officials and the person responsible for the employment initiative. But instead of pulling the ears of the three monkeys in the various administrations because they were watching the illegal activities of Transversini inactive, a code de deontology for mayors and dead people is now being worked on.

Almost everything is regulated in luxury castle, if not overregulated, but there are always people who you have to wave with the big barn door so that they behave reasonably well. For example, the municipal law says. stipulated that a local council must leave the meeting as soon as there is an item on the agenda that affects him or his clan. That means that he or the councilor may not even attend the debates and certainly not vote if he or she is indirectly affected.

Our deceased does not care about this provision. For example, it did not prevent the group leaders of CSFaul, LASEP and the Pinball Party from recently taking part in the debates in the Chamber of Dead about the state concession with RTHell. As a reminder: These three faction leaders, at that time the procrastinator Claude Wiesel (CSFaul), the Pfaffenfresser Alex Schnoddry (LASEP) and the Müllerthalclimber Eugène Bergschrat (pinball party), are on their salary improvement on the RTHell salary list. In fact, they are traditionally a member of the CLT / UFA board of directors.

With a little honor in their guts, all three of them would have had to leave the plenary before the concession debates began so as not to affect the considerations of the high house through their physical presence. But all three parliamentary group leaders were content to simply not take part in the vote.

It is not much different with the court and its controllers. Even worse! The Luxembourg state apparatus has a total of four institutions which are responsible for embarrassing control and / or control of the state’s financial management. These are the Financial Inspectorate (IGF) with Jeannot GRINGO at the head of Luxembourg in 2020 (Republican and wryneck) and the Directorate of Financial Control, which was founded back then in the slipstream of the so-called Santé scandal and today has over 100 employees , The long-time boss was Patrick Gilly, also known as the defector of the Kirchberg. Third in the group is the Cour des Cons, which only controls what you really like, for example the grateful victim “Fonds du Logement”, but not the SNHBM. Ultimately, there is also the budget control commission of the Chamber of Dead with the top, the lovely Diane Diadehm (CSFaul).

All four money-consuming institutions failed miserably in the “Monarchy Financial Practices” case because they simply did not do their job.

But instead of reading the four heads of the institution properly, Xavier Bëttschel (pinball party) had nothing better in mind than making the goat gardener and embarrassing the main culprit of the misery, the former director of the IGF, as the government’s special representative with an office in the palace Investigate financial behavior at court. Of course, our ever-valued Jeannot was not paid for his report, but in return, as a pensioner, he can remain on the coveted post for many years, as it is gold-plated, of the CFHell chairman of the board of directors, just because he put down what he would have known and had on paper have to correct.

Résultat des courses: Instead of firing all four offenders, new laws are now being written, the constitution changed and a code de deontology developed for the illustrious members of the monarchy.

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