ABSURDISTAN IN CITY AND LAND – Fränz Aufgebauscht and his linden streets

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the Minister, a notorious tree violator



Fränz AUFGEBAUSCHT (Déi Greng), or rather his benevolently subordinate administration “Chants et Poésie”, struck mercilessly again a few days ago. This time it was the wonderful row of cherry trees on the Esplanade in Remich, which fell victim to the tree malice. Does our beloved Fränz suffer from Napoleon syndrome, or why does he, who wants to overtake his predecessor predecessor, the Minister of Concrete and great apes Robert Utan (LASEP) as natural abuser, as a minister of war, cut off everything that is bigger than himself ,

The dubious jokes from AUFGEBAUSCHT had started with the sawing off of the whip masts on the Escher motorway. In order to justify this nonsense, the esteemed Minister of Concrete II had lied to the pollsters several times: For the first, Aufgebauscht claimed that his misdeed would help save energy. This is big nonsense, because at night there are large amounts of electricity in abundance and the power generators often do not know what to do with the excess supply, since electricity can hardly be stored. Second, the old-fashioned greenbill said it was a measure to reduce light pollution. Of course it was also nonsense! Today there are modern luminaires that do not emit light towards the night sky. Also a reminder: Who has so intensely illuminated the brain-torn funicular in the Pfaffental and the multi-modal area in Bettembourg? We think it was the former nature and environmentalist Fränz AUFGEBAUSCHT. Old people and night blind drivers generally pass the A …, otherwise he would quickly put the lights back on, for their and general traffic safety.

A little later, Fränz shamelessly attacked himself because of pathology on the trees of Schefferallee on Limpertsberg. Old, actually oxygen-producing trees had to give way due to the construction of his favorite toy on a scale of 1: 1 and were replaced by match-thin stems that have the same ecological benefits in about 30 years as those he previously destroyed.

This was followed by the senseless demolition of the capital’s only magnificent avenue, the Avenue de la Liberté. The most beautiful tree avenue in the region was killed without restraint. Aufgebauscht at the time claimed that these trees were temporarily parked during the construction of the tram and brought back later. But that does not seem to be the case, the last week Aufgebauscht had planted the first new plane trees together with his favorite strangler Lydie SOLPER (pinball party).

From the Crijk tree nursery near Utrecht in the Netherlands, the trees were brought to Luxembourg in an anti-sustainable manner, not by train, but by diesel-powered trucks. But actually a socio-economic trivial compared to the thousands of tons of granite that are inhumane broken by political prisoners from the massif, who attack the functional duo Lydie SOLPER / Zwerg WILMES (CSFaul) from China, for the kitschy remodeling of the Place de Guillaume leaves.

Speaking of plane trees! Initially, the only really honest party apparatchic of the green squad unfortunately (or because of that) State Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Camille GIRAFF (Déi Gréng), who died prematurely, wanted linden trees to be planted here as a tree alley. But the now slightly elderly mayor of the capital, Ms. SOLPER, heavily laid across. The city’s clean fetishist didn’t want allergy-promoting linden trees and sued stupid, universally usable plane trees.

But back to the tree malice and up to 2013 notorious opponent of the northern motorway, Fränz AUFGEBAUSCHT. Last Tuesday, as mentioned above, he had the fantastic trees on the Remich Esplanade removed without worrying about immediate compensation measures on the spot. Provisionally, he could have placed large buckets of trees to limit the damage. Unfortunately, however, his ministerial arrogance prohibits such actions in the direction of effective nature and environmental protection. Ultimately, the permanent and incurable illness of the arrogance of AUFGEBAUSCHT went to the remaining party president of the Greens, Großmaul Christian KMIOTHEKE, in such a way that yesterday he was forced to announce emotionally and theatrically  to throw the towel definitely. Today there is no doubt that the former advocate of nature and environmental protection led the green barge senselessly into the iceberg and now slowly but surely all rats are leaving the sinking ship.

Too bad it was a wonderful idea!

The little tree lover


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