After the “stay home” now the massive “go out”!

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human being is sometimes rather strange! During the confinement he adhered strictly to the rules of the game – exceptions are known to always be – and scarcely had the rules been abolished, he is treated as if the virus had disappeared from the earth.

Best example are the cafe and restaurant. There, for safety reasons, the tables should be placed within meters of each other. Inside, this can mean a big change for a whole number of companies, but the outside on the terrace means less. Social distancing of 1 meter 50? Let’s go slow! The distance applies to the tables and to nobody. If a man sits down, he pulls out the chair, depending on the corpulence between 65 and 90 centimeters; the customer behind him does the same, and in fact there is no longer much fun, the two people sitting head to head! Well forgotten is the panic of weeks ago, the fear of toilet paper….

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And as it is on the terraces, there is loud talk and good laughs, ever, the ideal situation for the aerosols. Well, nobody talks about it anymore: the virus is gone! Verschwundibus! Perhaps this opinion is not wrong at all and the higher temperatures outside, have actually driven the cattle flock. The French Academy of Medecin writes: This appears to be confirmed by the National Academy of Medicine in a notice issued on this subject on May 25. She explains that “several studies show that the rise in temperature and humidity rate [humidity, note] affects the viability of the virus and reduces the number of infections. The importance of this correlation could be quantified, a 1 degree increase in temperature being associated with a 3.1% decrease in new cases and 1.2% in deaths.” 

Too nice to be true?

also, far away, these rules are no longer adhered to game rules. At the beginning of the deconfirmation, people were still brave and stood in the boat to enter a store. After all, stores are conquered in the storm; In a sales area where a maximum of 2 people is allowed, 5 people squeeze in, one without a mask. The virus is dead! The funeral was in the intimacy!

I am glad for the tradespeople that Euro is running again. Idem for the HORESCA sector. I just want to express my astonishment. What was true yesterday seems to be completely wrong today. And I do not suspect that those who lament over a Corona party of youngsters on the Three Eights themselves do not take it very precisely. I am curious how many people do not even see their masks given to them by the state; also see how many people are still testing. Why actually?



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