André Steffen would like to try a new process and he will not be!


socialist (ex) politicians speak of robbery stories in this context, but André Steffen is a former police officer who came to Bing at the time because of drug trafficking. He claims today to have been caught by his colleagues in the police and says he has new evidence, new witnesses who would speak in his favor. Whether this is really a robbery story can only be ascertained if one is serious about one’s husband. But the man has problems to be read at all.

His first request for a review was granted by the lawyer Me Laurent Ries per Huissier on 26 March this year to the Ministry of Justice (cf article;On 28 May, Minister Felix Braz rejected the revision on the grounds of a commission. Neither André Steffen, nor his lawyer, belonged to any of the new witnesses. the Commission has appealed to the old verdict without accounting for the new situation. The lawyer therefore decided last September 19 to give a second revision to the “letre recomandée” and the ex-police officer sent the minister a personal letter and the letter box at home to draw attention to his misconduct. For him it is a big piece of justice and justice: he wants to be rehabilitated in his honor.



fter 3 months no answer. On February 5 this year, Me Laurent Ries received the 3rd revision. To this day, there is also no answer, or even a bargain on the reception. Is already a strong piece!

I personally do not know Mr Steffen, we have seen each other so far. I can’t divulge about him, but the thought goes through my head: it seems to be a reasonable person and his motives, a new process to get his professional and private honor re-established, are by far legitimate. Why does the judiciary completely block it?

PS: André Steffen also published this letter to the Minister on his Facebook page!





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