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The Respondent?

Respectability is the greatest poverty witness of man!


Respondents are in our German neighbor country in the Lesart of the “Society for German Languages” the word of the year 2019. It said a “socio-politically and semantically” striking term for an interest rate that (in fact) should fight old age poverty, it says in the justification the jury. “Respondents” therefore. The company chose the designation for a basic pension for persons who were inherited for 35 years and yet could not live off your interest, as (as mentioned) the “notable” term, which your chairman would declare in absolute personal conviction in the presentation of the rankings .

From a linguistic point of view, it is still the face of the jury in the word “Respectants” (quote) “about the rebuilding of one’s high-ranking words in the political debate that serves self-evaluation through foreign evaluation.” German language truly difficult language – read and understand… that can! It is even more piquant for the Chose to hear the statements of the Federal Minister of Labor (according to Spiegel Online). To the Minister, who presented the same term for the widely-debated basic interest in Germany’s violated law, there is nothing exclusive about a contribution to combating the mentioned mentioned poverty, but above all respect (sic!), For the “recognition of the Performance of life ”. Toll! One socio-political freedom, if you know, was the swindling “high” (of course, low) that interest rates in this top economy country BRD are and that a low earner (and that is about 20 percent of all insurable jobs in Germany!) In a gross profit. as 2000 € gross a – grossly calculated – Monthly rate of 710, 41 €, which is still to be adjusted to the legal deduction, then raised and wrote 10 percent in terms of this “Respectents”. Then we remain a “luxury citizen” to our estimation of an interest rate performance (which is not already for anyone intoxicating, even though it is stressed!) Quite dumb. Even worse, then, when you hear and read that your second interest rate in Germany is less than 900 euros, even before the deduction of Steuern! This came from the response of the Federal Government to a parliamentary request in the summer of 2019, the ebendies of this super-concept “Respectful” all seriousness as “Wort of the Year” highly stylized, for this. In the past year, Demnach received 51.4 percent of the German retirement age less than 900 euros – that is, around 9.4 million people – 58.6 percent received less than 1000 euros.

The Respondent?

An absolute disrespect that must be given to everyone in Europe – as a final warning!

Knowing that future interest rate developments in Europe will hardly give rise to optimism Anlass …

Frank Bertemes


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