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uxemburg is known to be an expensive plastics, parties of all kinds have talked for decades, but had to put their well-grounded recipes back in the bottom drawer of their well-worn recipes. Even former Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker went to bathe. He explained the housing market to the chief executive, pointing out in his speech about the state of the nation, the state would free thousands of land for the market and remain there. His idea does not lie. It was normal, then, that this Juncker’s proverb stayed with the people and so it is normal for this electorate to be annoyed today about the CSV, if they started out with this theme in the municipal election campaign. And for all parties, these properties were also dug out again for the parliamentary elections! Are they so well advised? Whom (too) promising, must also deliver content, and the expectations are probably extremely high.

In the fourth semester of last year, housing prices rose once again sharply, at 7.7 percent. The average price per square meter for existing storey dwellings is € 4795 on average and for new apartments above € 6000; If you want to rent a house, you have to browse 623.000 € on the table. The prices have therefore also attracted to the Gambia, but it was hardly to be expected with the opposite: the turning coalition had to put itself first, under Minister Maggy Nagel as good as he could, and his successor Marc Hansen could last both years do not fully recover.

The Grand Duchy has once a capital with many European institutions and still with many banks and other financial companies. Our beneficiaries are in a good quarter in the financial sector, their employees often live in Luxembourg and are there for residential purposes; that it does not fit into the frame, is understandable, but also of an unhealthy portion of selfishness. We just wanted the Bare on the Beads! With Brexit, more than 3000 bankers let down in Luxembourg, the housing note does not get any smaller. And finally, we might not have to spend on our 5 / 6th pension; So we are – even if we were assigned to a somewhat hypocritical day-to-day-to-continue economic Zuwach, nothing else meant that additional jobs had to be created and the living space needed.



here’s the fear of a price decline?

In politics, it would be possible, if it were possible, that prices could be broken down by a much larger offer, we say, by 10 percent; Instead of paying the average price of € 620,000 for a house, you would pay € 558,000. It should be noted that this downward drift will never occur, it is said as a direct consequence of a further and very severe economic crisis or real estate bubble, to consider that large parts of our population are getting worse over this country. Then, the Schmit-Meyer family had just rented a home for half a million; with a ten percent reduction in prices, this family would have lost fifty mills with a stroke; they still have to repay a loan of half a million. So seen, as a politician you never reach the nerve of time! I know the capital cities well enough to claim that they have other concerns: hopefully not more houses, hopefully not even more built in that height! Not even more chaos in professional traffic, because the tram alone is not aimed, and then and when a bicycle…. Finally, according to a study by the central bank of real estate and land ownership, the assets of the upper 20 per cent of the national citizen’s citizens, and with the current low interest rates on savings accounts, this tendency is further maintained.

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Since the housing note is now just a reality, and the CSV cannot ever leak your wounds from the past, since the Conservatives have been forced to raise the issue politically. Only then should they peel less freely after the free market, which is determined by the word of offer and demand, but rather with the emphasis on social housing; This recommendation also applies to all parties, who do not give anything but more people who cannot afford their own accommodation, it also gives more, who have great difficulties, to collect the necessary necessities for the rent. The average rent for an apartment is at 977 €, warm, in the canton of Luxembourg already at 1145 €. Many mice must fit, and even those who can afford it with ach and strength, have difficulties, and it is on the high edge to lay down for a later home. Man lives poor!

The parties of all borders would be well advised to support the social housing sector massively. The social state is good, but everything cannot be voted on. Last week the Luxemburger Zentralbank opened a debt debt study.
«Households that could have been in serious trouble and thereby create a risk of default for lenders, in 2010, made up 1.4 per cent of all indebted households. In 2014, this value rose to 2.2 percent! »(LW from 07.09 2017). The fact that the debt burden rose by 27 percent within 4 years at an average of 178400 euros is not surprising, since the housing prices in this period are also shot in the highs. The biggest problem is and remains that there are not enough pieces available. And which party can already promise remedies, he said, to get back on expropriation? Do you really want that? At least that would be a paradigm shift….

(Ends End 2017)

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