At least 750,000 documents in file center?


robert E. Steinmetz is a former police officer who writes a book in his retirement, entitled: “… and yet I live”. The man had a difficult childhood, including in the Lamperbiérger children’s land and so he tells especially about the early years of his life and little about his profession as a police officer. However, there is a page on file center (STTI) where Mr Steinmetz was commissioner. So he knows what he’s talking about! And he points out that the term “secret cashier” is being used in injustice, because that governor has been anything but secret. Earlier, a police officer just needed to take the phone and had already got a look at the documents:

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The man continues to write on page 177 of his book that it should be about 750,000 documents – until what year he does not begin – starting with the galleys through a banal traffic protocol to the so-called “piss protocol” in public, which was formerly quite a vogue among men). And processed, those acts were not yet handled by police …

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so the man is formal: it had to be – if all went well – to find 1.5 million documents, one half in an electronic system, the other, the originals, and the state archives! Mr. Steinmetz continues to write on page 178 of an ultra-secret cabinet, which was, however, merely made of sheet metal. He, and only he, at that time had the key to serve as servant …

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It keeps one of these “memos” what one wants, but the man will not have dug them completely out of the air. Where I have my concerns are the documents of the NAZI collaborators: there it was stated that they had been “disappeared” to a certain extent – such 35 years ago – so that the past could calm down . These documents may still be in the archives, but would hardly have been processed electronically. And of course, the question arises: what happened to the content of that tin creature ?!

Mr Steinmetz does not make any major spectacle about this file centrally, so it is not as interpretable as if he would now like to act in the present discussion as the poet. The man writes in the book much more about his childhood, which traumatized him … and that is in his case well imitated.


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