At the state station, the lid also flies!

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the cipher is impressive: 800 people went to an information meeting yesterday to discuss the situation in the garrison, what do I say: to hurry up, and to be decent. 800 people, alone from the neighborhood, that were as many as on the last tails day for the climate! Were the residents of Bonnevoie to be invited, there would certainly be about 500 people added. The people at the train station had it: lots of heathen, massive drug dealers and finally the cherry on the cake: the shanties for the tram.


one woman in the room brought it to the point: the citizen had lost authority over the public square; which is now under the control of several clans. This is already a violent statement that one can formulate otherwise: it does not feel safe! There was no more sadness – as for women, not already – to meet at the station castle at 8 o’clock in the evening. Whether this is exaggerated, I cannot judge for myself, but in any case the “Garer” is secretly frustrated. And the politicians have not necessarily set the best example, critical observers think, they would themselves be surprised by the general outrage. Very badly, then the Prime Minister comes; Although Xavier Bettel was not in the room, he was reminded of his wishes as he mayor as a state mayor. It is recalled in his letter as a municipal father to Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, to urgently get the ‘place reference’ authorized. Now he has been prime minister for 6 years, and happens to be absolutely nothing at that point. That probably has something to do with peace in the government, mainly with the green ones who fear the police state, such as the Dracula Cross and Garlic!


it was noticeable that the new Justice Minister Sam Tanson did not speak a word of pipe. Well, she is new in her role, but knows the problem from her relatively recent past as a station chef! The director of the police was also rather in the room as a decoration, because he says, the man listened, but never intervened in the discussion. Police Minister François Bausch has yet to cast the best figure, and Mayor Lydie Polfer has tried to make the distinction between what the community could do and the one where she was shown on government support. The residents of Garrison did not hesitate to mention statistics at all and more than once pointed out that the barrel was overflowing.


the politicians of all sides got the dicks right yesterday: they must take action, as soon as possible: “if you don’t, we will!” was the warning from the crowded room. There the community is demanded, and so is the government. It is not possible that in the middle of a shopping zone being dealt a deal comes out. More surveillance cameras had to be installed (and functioned) – even in the parking lot, some places had to be brighter and eventually had to be thought about. Without wanting to play as a security expert, I must realize that wherever the reference abroad was introduced, the situation had calmed. But there is nothing you can do about it: the hosts and the dealers just move the place. But, this is what the yarns would like: away from their neighborhood, for example at the “broth”, where at that time another soup would be cooked…

CSV sent a communique away late in the morning. The “Garer” will love it, but it shouldn’t stay with promises. Pobeier is known to be patient….

Press Communications

The CSV is extremely concerned about the dramatic situation in the Garar district, which was thematized again last evening in a well-attended public assembly.

Organized drug crime, behind the Nigerian mafia, is also increasing dramatically, as well as vandalism, theft and aggression against women.

Residents of the Garer area regret the lack of police patrols and the presence of police officers on the ground.

CSV is shocked by this situation. In a rule of law, there should be no free zone. That’s a surrender of one of the fundamental missions of a state.

For these reasons, the CSV calls on the government, and in particular the Ministers for Internal Security, Justice, Immigration and Senate, to intervene in every way possible to make the public public again.

Notified by the CSV faction

Luxembourg, September 26, 2019


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