Bad moments for the government

Image par Pete Linforth de Pixabay

the green ones are paint off! It is already amazing how violent the climate pack is being torn apart! The political opposition to be closed is normal, but the protest is indeed from the corner of the economy and even from the ecological movement. The best thoughtful climate package in the entire European Union, therefore, does everything differently than unanimity, and from the circles of the DP and LSAP coalition partners, there is a growing buzz. In addition, there are various construction sites, irregularities and contradictions: the new Minister of State, Henri Kox, promises in Parliament to build more housing; The state consulate Francois Benoy gives Schefferot a Triple B, because in his opinion too much is built in the city. Yes, what now ?! In his plenary, he replies: Municipalities must not be confused with national politics! Glorious! Hill in national politics, Hott at the municipal level.

in the LSAP, the current pace is not always greater. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider went to the public far too early to say that he actually had the flame with politics. There he put himself under pressure, and because Jean Asselborn wasn’t fast enough, he said in the RTL interview, Etienne had to make his decision known before Christmas. Who has such good friends needs no enemies! Such considerations belong to the party-interna, if no case to the public, as they harm not only the Vice Prime Minister but the party and also the government. Regardless: Franz Fayot is in the starting lineups to take over that post. Whether he ever reaches the shoe size of Etienne ….?

For Alex Bodry, it was the last Chamber meeting yesterday. After the Christmas break, he moves over to the State Council. A very competent MP, with an extensive amount of political experience. We don’t always have to agree with him, but he is well aware of the course of politics – the government as good as Parliament- as of the “ff”. That man will miss the LSAP at many points! Renouveau does not need to be called upon by the comrades any more, it comes of the self and probably to shoot.

otherwise the blue did not turn out badly this week as the ruling party. Only Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was missed  in the plenary. What a shame! He would be able to take full advantage of the weak achievements of many of his majority representatives. But the man didn’t make it easy: two of Gambia’s co-founders (1 + 2) – Etienne Schneider and Felix Braz left him at the top of the team! If that’s not a reason to fall into a depression ?! The Pirates even launched a research report…some kind ass a joke.



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