B&BB: Bausch and Big Brother

Image parHebi B. de Pixabay

minister Bausch did not resign at the PK. He therefore sees the problem with the “additional case” and the case is forwarded to the Inspection de la Police (IGP), thus to the police and police. Is this the right decision? When there are obesity problems in a family, is it right if the family alone is trying to solve it or is it inappropriate to seek outside help, such as a mediator, a family psychologist, therapist? And, sorry! The indication that the law was still formed under the auspices of Marc Fiscbach (CSV) is also valid! Not to take the party into protection, but the law is 27 years old. A law must always be enforced, after all, almost three decades ago data protection was no subject at all, the computer barely invented.


in particular, however, the ministry, responsible for internal security, does not seem to have done its homework. That is today Bausch, formerly Etienne Schneider. A law from the year 2002 presides over a so-called authority which controls, and that authority must submit an activity report every year. MPs Gilles Roth and Laurent Mosar asked a first question parliamentary, stating that the activity report for 2016 and 2017 did not go ahead at all. However, the two were too hazy, because immediately there was a second parliamentary question, which ended in a bomb. There is, after all, a report from 2015, at which time the problem of data protection was already known.

In its report for 2015, the supervisor noted:

  • that the data processing system appearing in the police incident log is inadequate with regard to data protection rules;
  • that the reports drawn up by the agents are recorded in a global database open to all agents throughout the territory;
  • whereas police officers seconded to other administrations (eg SRE) have continued to have access to police data processing systems;
  • the need to delete the data once a report or a report has been drawn up and sent to the prosecution …

More obviously you can’t be! There, the ministry was probably beaten, though powerful! Before this was known, ADR had demanded a commission of inquiry, which now seeks more than that! Two ministers are involved in the affair, one more than the other, and both must stand before Parliament. And as fate does play this way: Mr Bausch is very reminiscent of the SREL affair …


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