Black-green! Really?

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Some media make it easy. Internal politics is ignored, in the sense that only official press conferences of the parties are convened and even the plenary sessions in Parliament, but little attention is paid to background information; there can be, as out of nowhere, a poll and already the new government is established. The last political monitor followed, in fact, would become black-green, whereas the CSV would stagger and the green would hold up well. But politics is not that simple!

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In order for this constellation to be possible at all, the CSV must in fact be vigorous (+3) and the green must at least stick. Both are in the stars! CSV will receive mandates, but they must not be equal to three; in those greenery the county remains in the north, where Claude Turmes has to replace the deceased Camille Gira; and even the center where Viviane Loschetter is no longer a candidate. But politics doesn’t just limit open arithmetic.


he case may be, as the political weather forecasts suggest. Then CSV made the choice and could climb through the green with the coalition bed. Care must be taken at what points black and green are politically aligned, for example with regard to finance, the economy. There are a lot of big discrepancies, be it the Greens slipping everything, only to be able to govern and still have to open a dozen trams.

For CSV to contribute, Red and Blue must lose. If the DP does not lose three mandates, but only two, they would probably be among the losers, but by 11 seats would be a stronger coalition partner and at many points on a line with the CSV. It is more complicated for these blacks: for them, a loss of four mandates is foreseen; if there were only 3 of them, no way would they be able to pass the opposition. But one should not underestimate the Democrats or the democrats: the last meters of the election marathon will have it. Blue and Red would not miss an opportunity to add to the good work over the past year. Together, they could sustain the damage and remain both -DP more than LSAP- a potential coalition partner.

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But the Greens are already up and running. It has to be said that the first small party is personally close to the best, so good for the case of a government partnership as well as for a possible opposition. Sam Tanson was later removed from the State Council and placed in the Chamber. It is green from head to toe, but at the same time politically flexible enough to allow any coalition with the CSV at all. On July 25, she addressed in the plenary session the address of CSV man Laurent Mosar: “I think we agree well”. That leaves a deep glow. But Ms. Tanson, an absolute power person and female version, should be careful not to interfere nationally here in her party, as has been the case in the city of Luxembourg after the local elections. In the capital, the green Mountains even rose slightly, and even at the end of the week, DP Mayor Lydie Polfer announced coalition negotiations with the CSV, and by doing the green and the contrary.

… the political as well as the personal rift between DP and Green is total …

Officially it was said: the CSV has vigorously won it, so one cannot ignore it; unofficially got to hear completely different things, and even more significantly today than before the local elections: the Greens would be extremely arrogant, inflexible, would work only for their voters, and not for the people. The political and personal break between the DP and the green is total! And the Routes have already been in the lead for a long time. Etienne Schneider and Nicolas Schmit call for the Hallali! The Greens had to take care of the snow quickly.

In the CSV itself, there is my information on more MPs who want the DP as a coalition partner than the Greens. Similar to CSV voters. On October 14, the people have a hand in deciding.


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