Children’s toys in the Chamber



juna Bernard is the co-president of the Greens. So she doesn’t care. In an interview with Paperjam, she said recently she could imagine becoming the first green prime minister.Everyone prend pas de la merde! says the Frenchman, though, until there is still a long way to go. Mrs. Robert has to grow up to be a three-day-old like Robert Habeck in Germany, and above all, she still has to gain a lot of political support.

Yesterday, for example, in the plenary of the Chamber, where she held a fervent plea, for a crèche in the Chamber – or in the old tours, for female and male politicians, for the officials and officials working for the Chamber. Calculated ADR came with a resolution which it had filed in plenary session in the same vein last year. This year, I didn’t get a vote for Chamber TV, but that was why the resolution was voted with the votes of the green people. Fernand Kartheiser – thus the origin of the green party – had the same resolution yesterday brought a new vote, with the result: Djuna Bernard voted against. So, no nursery!

Apparently, François Bausch was cooking on the government bench and Madame was near the tears. Politics goes a long way, but with the failure, the children learn to go public, even in a crèche!



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