Christian Kmiotek: all the best for the 60!


this  Monday, Christian received his 60th birthday. All the best! Bonne continuation! But somehow without the green, or, significantly less. Mr Kmiotek resigns as co-president of the Green Party. At 60, one comes to the age when one is thinking about his life, or possibly even the remains of one which nobody knows how long this piece of road will last. I can understand that at Christian Kmiotek, even I went through that phase of life. Or is it right what I heart these days in town about the Greens?

it would have been a recent party internal meeting on which it went higher here. It had to be folded with the wings, so the wings of the Fundi against the wings of Realo. The Fundi would have thought that the party would have to find its roots back, thus making proper ecological policy. A quarry that did not want to meet Champion Realo François Bausch. It would have been a fateful verbal statement, which eventually won Mr Bausch by points.

Christian’s resignation was all surprising and quick: Monday with bio-champagne dropping 60 candles, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s waiting for the monarchy’s theme and announcing the withdrawal on Thursday morning at a press conference. As said, such rumors. But that quarrel could have made Kmio’s decision easier! At 60 years of age, effectively different things are no longer needed.

Let’s see what kind of people wins in the election of the next Co-President. The moment the green ones are satisfied, if they claim proudly, they would be the better blue. But, that’s just a color too!


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