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God is dead!

Friedrich Nietzsche


hen people stylized God to the highest value, Friedrich Nietzsche raised the alarm. In Christianity of his time he saw a religion devoid of meaning, hostile to life. His saying about the dead God has long since become cult and has developed a life of its own. Next to Nietzsche, the Marxist Ernst Bloch, who quotes Jesus’ words from the Gospel of Luke as evidence of his humanistic interpretation of the New Testament: “The kingdom of God is in the midst of you” (Luke 17:12) Bloch spoke of “atheism in Christianity” and Nietzsche from the “Antichrist”. But neither of them aimed at simply turning away from Christianity. The two philosophers looked for the “human, too human” in religion. Basically, Nietzsche never left the mythical root of religion, namely the sacred as the unity of man and god. He contrasted his sharp diagnosis of civilization with the Christianity lived by Jesus: “The gospel was just existence, being fulfilled, the reality of this ‘kingdom’.” – “” The kingdom of God “is not something that was expected: it was no yesterday and the day after tomorrow, it does not come in ‘a thousand years’ – it is an experience with one heart: it is everywhere. ”Even the pantheist Albert Einstein expressed similar thoughts and was guided by the exemplary example of Baruch Spinoza’s pantheistic, ethical philosophy ……

It is interesting to analyze these two gentlemen in a religious context at the end of the year, when the Christian churches are once again celebrating the birth of their “Savior” and cheering heavenly by means of various festivities under the eloquent flag of their new cardinal (who is paid by our taxpayers) and their Auxiliary Bishop celebrate in the high consumption of the well-groomed and lived here and now – we atheists, religious-resistant or dissenters prefer to enjoy the Winter Festival or as we like to call it in an equally festive mood. Lived and particularly practiced tolerance is not guaranteed to be our problem, but that of the well-known intolerant followers of Catholica, who should be extremely cautious when it comes to “tolerance” regarding its more than questionable history …


Friedrich Nietzsche therefore gives a clear rejection of the consolations for a better life in the hereafter. Likewise the belief in a supersensible realm: In preparatory notes on the Antichrist he writes: “The exemplary life consists in love and humility; in the fullness of the heart, which does not exclude even the lowest, in the belief in bliss here on earth, in spite of need, resistance and death, in conciliation, in the absence of anger, contempt. ”A very humanistic, even pantheistic , clearly based on this side, which has lost nothing of relevance. This meaningful, wonderful sentence contains a deeply human content that should really stir us up and free us from all religious nonsense. One can only wish the young generation not only to be outraged against climate policy, even to revolt (and rightly so, by the way), but especially also against the machinations and the immense wealth of the Christian churches – keyword: poverty or housing shortage etc. … is needed because actually religious madness or dogmas, which represent a rape of thought, but unfortunately were always conducive to massive popular stupefaction – in the sense of “keep you domm, halen se kleng!” – to be a decent earthly citizen in this world? Not at all!

But this official church, which only those who are completely unable to see, that a “belief in the hereafter” is only an illusion in the pure interest of this money and power-hungry world church “Una Sancta Catholica”, wants without itself despite contrary and lying sayings to fundamentally question her best known protagonists somehow, to continue exactly what she has always done, namely to consolidate her position of power as an apparent monopolist of the “spiritual” by means of a mythical figure “God”. In this sense, every intrigue, every lie (like recently the supposed “bankruptcy” of the Vatican, which is spread through the media – listen, be amazed and laugh out loud, or cry!) Seems a welcome means to an end!

It is astonishing and almost remarkable to be aware that, despite its history, this world organization, which the Catholic Church still is, is still openly in the focus of world interest. Who can take this organization, which is mostly run by mostly old, misogynist men, because in fact somehow seriously, a religious, recognized state sect that bases its power on a “god” that no one on this planet has yet identified in any way?

God is dead? Strictly speaking, he cannot be dead, how can someone who has never lived, existed be dead?


Frank Bertemes










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