Climate Pack: Between Quantum Jump and hopsassa!

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much was not known yesterday by those green Carole Dieschbourg and Claude Turmes! Within two weeks twice in the news, with no elaborate details about the planned climate package to communicate. There’s system behind it. There is a stone once in the water and then you see how big the waves are falling, the waves in the social media, the waves of the electorate; because the Greens – those of themselves claiming to be the better DP – know precisely that their winners in a recent election are to a large extent attributable to CSV voting, people who usually vote black and who in the latter lie were left on green. Such an electoral system is particularly volatile and must be kept in place because, it must not be overlooked with measures that are either dark green or poorly conveyed. Because of this, turmoil and Dieschbourg are aiming for dropping goals: firstly, make a difference, and then wait.



his is how the CO2 tax should come, in 2 years with 20 euros per ton, 2 years with 30 euros. You start not to miss as much! What does this mean for the car to which most professionals are assigned? What does it mean for aviation? For the heating installation, especially for those with fuel oil? Turmes just thought that the car would naturally be considered because he wanted a car to be less energy efficient, its driver more punished. Principle: pollueur / payeur! That’s why we were hired. But there is a cipher, a percentage! This was done with intent to abolish the echoes of the (voter) people. And things were well summed up immediately in the comments on Many, if not most, made decent air, which was to be expected, but it is wondered if the number of negative comments remains within the bounds or bleeds on the public at large, Hallali against the Green.

The fact that the new houses are intended to be passive houses, was just as non-happening, always such constructions have been compulsory for over 2 years, but over these there is enough excitement: extreme fire danger, mold, which is ignited by heating, goes into electric Appliances etc. What went wrong yesterday, however, is to inform the people what is happening to the money the state is getting. At this point, we had to present a project to the public at large, a project that makes sense that convinces people that their money is not funded. For example, as some commentators propose to plant 650,000 trees, so one per inhabitant. Or a large photovoltaic facility …

claude Turmes spoke again about a quantum leap. There is nothing left over for us, as will be details in the coming months. That which was made known to the public yesterday was at most a hopsert! The Greens believe the climate package would be the most important project in this legislature. And what about housing? However, at this point in time, the wrath of the people will no longer be overheard. It goes without saying that the climate suit is the most important project for the green party: either, in the end, it actually shows something that makes sense, which is carried by the people and can celebrate, or is punished in four years and falls back into the political meaninglessness!


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