Corinne Cahen: The Next!

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one specificity was that letter from the Ministerial Businesswoman Corinne Cahen to the State Union Commercial. Of course not! Well, a little bit of luck now keeps them, those who never bother to pass on others to pass on text messages that were not intended for them to put the political opponent in there. The deal also shows that the dredging coalition, which had promised the big breakthrough in the country, had forgotten to open the roll-up window when it was opened. And now the next story, which is actually 10 months old and which has never been noticed … nobody, except a good observer, follows the motto: the Internet forgets nothing! Minister Corinne Cahen leased an apartment that belonged to her. However, there is absolutely nothing to say that it is peculiar, however, that it did so via the AirBnB internet platform. The RTL 5 minutes that took place in January of this year was:

The attentive surfer will discover un joli appartement de trois pièces and 180m² offered by a certain Corinne. The photo leaves no room for doubt, it is indeed the Minister of Families, Corinne Cahen. She offers this apartment for 80 euros a night, a rather very reasonable price.

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The Minister is also indirectly used as a guide to show the people the City of Luxembourg. The whole offer, however, was only available for short time on AirBnB.


wo findings: The Luxembourg government has not unequivocally established the kind of commerce on AirBnB that is clearly a commercial activity; there should be people who rent their apartment / studio almost every day that way. It is therefore best to take stock of some things that I have tried to achieve at some point, but I do not wish to submit to the Minister for this purpose! Regardless of Ms. Cahen, the AirBnB system is completely unsocial and violates the hotel system: if AirBnB continues to shut down, people must be discharged into the hotel, turnover decreases, accordingly state income taxes, etc.

The system is also severely incompatible with the government’s housing policy: housing is there / created to bring people / families to life permanently; with AirBnB this is not the case! Again and again, this means that some or all of the ministers, or the extremely high prices, would be among the absolute political priorities. The solution is hardly to look for at AirBnB!


t begs the question: should Mrs. Cahen perform such commercial activities alongside her ministry as a minister? Is it appropriate in this way to undermine the Luxembourg hotel industry and the housing market? Would it not have been more accurate, had Mrs Classically contacted a real estate agency to put that apartment into the location? As a family minister, it would all have been significantly fairer!

A member of government should work 7 days to 7, 24 hours to 24 for his team and the country, without any other activities – and no commercial nature whatsoever. It seems as if Madam would have burnt her fingers with this action on AirBnB!


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