Corona: Thanks, little virus!

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iam just reading an interview with Foreign Minister without borders Jean Asselborn about a Europe without borders: “The border controls make us big worries. We have to look after hell. If the Schengen area falls, then Europe’s citizens too”. I personally ask myself the question: is it not too late? After all, wasn’t everything a slam of air?

There was a report on April 4 in the HEUTE Journal about the small border town of Petite Rosselle. There are checks done, a German uniformed man does not shy away from talking about a cranky Frenchman; The reverse is also true: in the social media, the French destroy the German sales boch! In short: Turnpacks on both sides, just missing Putin and then Franzos ‘and Russ’ in Spiritus!

Check out the report below, from the 9’30 ” minute:

If you see and hear this, you are taken to the head. One thinks it would dream one! Just as if 25 years of games had no borders / Jeux sans frontières but no savings left. Such a super little virus has completed within days, what should not ring true for hundreds of thousands of refugees: the boundaries have been closed: borders to, monkeys to, or so. Perhaps the virus, however, has the merit of telling people what they really think! At least more honest!


solidarity in Europe was pure blemish in the first weeks! The Italians were already living in thousands in hospitals, had such deaths in sight and the big EU commission had failed. Now she does what she can best: spend money. Is this enough for the political survival of the Union? Since 6 weeks, there are again significant more member states, where everyone looks exclusively!

The Italians and the Spaniards are quite suddenly there. The virus threw them out. Both countries have also retained the state rescue embargo, but this does not apply to many people at all. The virus has revealed that many countries are still without contract to work. A scandal! People are paid by the employer as it comes to their heads, without social security, they understand. This is not a small minority, this is a small minority, for instance on the Canary Islands, where we are so glad to recover our bones.

That should be Europe? I’m ashamed! All these people are now almost starving and dying – to the right – the supermarket, as was the case in Palermo! So I opened my eyes bigger: I thought that black would still be working, but I did not go to that extent!

solidarity should be written in great numbers at these times. Right! But didn’t the hunt for the toilet paper show anything different? Solidarity with the truck drivers? They have to go even cheaper: 300 euros for 500 km, including and loading included! Solidarity with the healthcare sector staff? We’ll even wait for the next collective bargaining. Verbal appreciation is no longer enough! THE GOODMAN  talks about changing our mind, I’m looking forward to it. In the coming weeks and months, large tensions in the labor market can be expected. And not everyone who discharges is automatically an EVIL, a badman.

Though, one will probably realize that, hopefully, that will be in the health sector. One thought that a clinic is not only there to provide money, is not a machine fric, but to help the individual, sometimes in great suffering. The economic pressure on the white kittens must subside! The doctor must have the money and not the economist. The last year with the discussion about the mergers was often about profitability!

And above all, we need an additional hospital. Even before the covid-19 period, the patient often had to wait so long for his medical appointment that he risked having died before being buried.

After all, globalization opponents are coming to their bill. The crisis has shown that just as the old continent has become dependent on third countries: we have turned tablets in India, brake pads in China, etc., to support these countries economically, and on the other hand our own bill is so small as much as possible. It is assumed that many productions will be made again in European countries, which means that the products will rise in price.

The virus completed within a short period of time. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people have to leave this world first and no one knows what the new world will look like …


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