Corona: Until death separates us!

Image par My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: de Pixabay

nobody was prepared for the pandemic, so that in the general hectic, respectively, wrong or illogical decisions were taken, minor or major construction issues. One should learn from mistakes. On a human level, for example, I find it a disaster, such as dying, in nursing homes, in hospitals. Sure, there are corona patients, but there are significantly more to the others. And they die either of old age, of cancer or of “normal” illness. And alone!

I imagine it feels dramatic: the conjunctiva is dying in the clinic, and I must not look at him, calling at the clinic at most from time to time, to ask how it is doing to him / her. Does he have money? How is it going to make him soulful? Did he stay for long? Is there a last wish? What are his last thoughts? A little exchange about our life we ​​had together, one last hug, one last kiss, all this is a matter of the impossible!

I don’t find that human to represent!

and when it is so far – i.e. the great black is passed on with his candy – then you will be buried all alone, at least if you are burned. There must be no one there, for security reasons. At least that was the case until last week.

The deductible exit restrictions were taken to protect (our) life. The aim was to increase the number of infections temporarily. This implies that one carries the death due to this virus and not in calculations, not today, but still often. Particularly clear is this in the discussions about a possible second Well after the big vacation: a second lockdown is seen by many as irrelevant because the economy could not support it.

In this way, the eventual death is explicitly purchased! Then we should already learn from the blatant mistakes, prepare ourselves for the possible situation. This is especially true for clinics and nursing and nursing homes: not only everything provided to protect lives, but also to die in dignity. In any case, a motion was unanimously adopted by the Chamber …


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