Corona Virus in the assembly: How Bad Formulation Causes a Shitstorm!

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the CSV demands

Ministers should submit physical and parliamentary commissions!

On Friday, it was published on RTL’s site. The result was a shitstorm against CSV faction chief Martine Hansen, who is portrayed in a photo as if she were to be interviewed on the subject. But she did not. The shitstorm went almost unisolo in the direction: did the conservative couples not get anything from video conferencing yet ?! Shouldn’t the MPs just give the good example ?!

In the meantime, though, the article has not disappeared on, but is well-packaged, so you have to search for it.

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Explanation: Due to the Corona virus, the Chamber has to change its rules of procedure, as well as the plenary sessions as well as the commission sessions. The Secretary-General’s report read:

The chairmen of the commissions have the choice of inviting them to a meeting by videoconference or in the premises of the Chamber of Deputies.

Two fixed daily ranges are established for each of the committee rooms in the Chamber of Deputies.

A first meeting cannot start earlier or later than 9:00 a.m.
A second meeting cannot start earlier or later than 4:00 p.m.

Any timetable conflict will be resolved by the committee chairmen among themselves and, failing this, by the Conference of Presidents.

Room capacity
Plenary room: 25 places
Room 1-2 and 4-5: 13 places (extendable to 15 places with two chairs placed along the walls)
Room 3: 6 places
Room 6: 8 places

Each meeting room used will be cleaned after use.

It has been decided to no longer organize joint committee meetings until further notice.

In the said Bureau of Parliament, all the parties are represented, all without exception, with the result as follows:The chairmen of the commissions have the choice of inviting them to a meeting by videoconference or in the premises of the Chamber of Deputies. In other words, there are two options for the commission of Commission sessions – video conferencing as well as physical attendance – and it is not a decision of the CSV, but of the entire Chamber! That makes a decent difference!


 Anyway you hear a lot of great things about video conferencing. Not all the MPs sit down with their laptops and their desks so that they can be rested from there in silence; there are also going to be those who sit in the kitchen – either beside the potato peel – or who are reporting from their storage! There was also the embarrassing situation that a lady MP did not go to her computer and that she switched over to her husband’s computer and videoconferencing! If this is the case, her husband is a senior government official. Is that still serious?

But even if the video conferencing is correct, the benefits of a “physical presence” are evident. Green Ministries Sam Tanson had also endured this at the last session of the Justice Commission. And that timber struck yesterday at RTL (sic) Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna’s. Opinions and beliefs are more seriously intertwined if one can look at one another in the face if one can get the full atmosphere of the session. A bit like comparing to the circus: you see and hear the tiger on the TV and in the tent you shake it.

And what if it was a signal to the outside? Doctor and nurse must be able to catch the virus, the supermarket cautioner must also be in danger – our WC baby in love! – but politics is taking the tail off right away! Some of the citizens must, however, still have the feeling to be governed and directed; that applies to the government, that applies to the Chamber!

opposition politicians of the Left and of ADR still come up with an additional argument. With video conferencing, the political opposition would be put to death! If the public representatives are physically present at the power market, then the press is usually far away … and is, in principle, interested in the political opinion of the opposition. In the case of a video conference, the opposition consisting of 4 parties receives at most the second prize.

So what is the complete excitement, right in these times ?! Commission sessions are in principle and physically present; and those who do not want it can stay electronic. So where is the problem? This one is in poor journalistic form. By the way, there is a third possibility: MPs can easily be replaced by a party colleague for the commission session! Then attendance fees will go …


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