Corona Virus: It’s war and we’re all set!

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it is war! French State President Macron’s reinstatement. Tschöfft! I thought I was part of a generation that didn’t need to wear the battle dress. Fortunately, I have an age that allows me to no longer have to go to the front. We remain the writing desk.

In France, which has therefore made a declaration of war, discussions are underway on a government of the Union national. Aha! A term that will apparently have also failed upon the Luxembourg Prime Minister. In a first downfall, it was the appeal of the whole of politics, that is, majority and opposition, to hold together, a call to the racial assembly, serrez les rangs !. In this war, however, there are two battles to be fought.

The first one to be won: the battle against the Corona virus. The government led them alone, but there was no unnecessary harm from the opposition. The second battle comes right behind. An economic crisis that has washed away! German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who did not consciously go to war, but spoke of the greatest challenge since 1945. And there is the assumption that the political paths will be muted. Does a government of the National Union therefore make sense?

that the threat is greater that the political race assembly is more important. For France, this was the case of 1914, a month after the start of World War 1 and a second time in 1958 with the Algerian war, it was only for a short time. But even in times of war, democracy lives on – fortunately – and so one cannot expect opposition, during the many years of the battle against the economic crisis, just to keep the bak, in the sense of solidarity for the Government, as general, as field lord.

The government sent first bill projects to the body to finance the battle at all. The opposition urges that. Nach! But, there are divergences of opinion that will increase over the course of the battle. Some ministers have already fled the boat, and the economic crisis is likely to worsen that the criticism of the government increases.

A first preview was on Saturday morning in the Chamber (Zerkel), with the speech of CSV representative Laurent Mosar. He went on to advocate for stronger support for the Independents and the video of his speech has been viewed on Facebook about 17,000 times, liked over 8,000 times. So a great success, even if one should not overdo it. It shows, however, where the road is going, for yet the speech of Mr. Mosar was constructive.

the second battle is to be compared to the first: it is time to stretch them over time, in order to be better able to fight the virus on the one hand, and on the other to better prepare for the economic crisis. So it would actually make no sense if politics would crush itself.

However, history has taught us that such a government of the National Union has never held long – neither in France, nor in Luxembourg. This is why the political contradictions are too great. DP, LSAP and CSV would still be able to understand themselves, the Greens too, but are the Left the right one to save capitalism? And would the beggar be prepared to take an ADR politician with his team? The question also arises in France, with Madame Le Pen!

It is probably too early to definitively tranche such a possibility. However, when the crisis is severe, it will have to be shut down one day …


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