Coronavirus: and what is being done for the other patients?

Image par Sasin Tipchai de Pixabay

it is not the moment to break something! You risk not being treated accordingly. Covid 19 patients have the priority. More than 200 of them are hospitalized. It is normal for people to be looked after medically for the first time, but it is just as abnormal to see what happens to the other patients. One man wrote to me: “If I hear Mrs. Lenert with concerned Minn on TV saying that the normal treatments in the clinics would go back and people should not be able to come to the clinic, then my knife goes in the bag over! ”

The man writes affectionately, pleads with no certainty whatsoever, but he knows his hands no advice. His case: he had fallen for a year in mid-December, and was sitting on his left shoulder and on his right hand as he did. He received appointments from a specialist on 20 February. So that was before the pandemic. Over two months of waiting, that was already normal. The doctor diagnosed a rupture of the supraspinal tendon, but this could not be confirmed in Roentgen.

Afterwards, the co-worker prescribed an arthroscanner for the shoulder and an IRM for the hand. The appointment for the shoulder was confirmed for the end of March, which is on hand for April 22nd. So there were already 4 months of waiting, which was all but normal in Luxembourg. In itself the man had to be operated on because it was urgent! And now Covid 19 comes into play.

The service at the relevant clinic was hired, the man was given a copy sheet, they would sign up when “everything” was over. By courier, he learned that the appointments had been delayed by the end of June. He never came to the doctor, neither by telephone, nor by mail.

another example came from a lady: she was operated on back in late February and sent home after 4 days. The clinic needed beds for the virus patients. As a result, the woman got a tendon inflammation and the back cave. Initially looked after, the woman got an infiltration, but you were radioactive. Her wife was left to fall, she didn’t even pick up the OP’s !! This was done by one of the family, however, to a waste of land which had already been ‘grown up’! I have billing material that I do not publish in respect of this person here.

Luxembourg’s conditions! Before the pandemic, they were often contemptuous of the people and now there is even more! I can conclude to a certain point that, through the virus, a certain hiccup, yes even chaos, has arisen, but if the ministry almost makes an appeal about the media, one should not be afraid to turn this into a clinic to go, care must also be taken to take care of these patients!

“There are cancer patients, there are people at the palliative station: even they deserve the necessary care and human respect!”


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