Coronavirus- great dissatisfaction in the communities!

Image par Rabasse de Pixabay

there are several signals: after these holidays, the government announces its exit strategy. At present, discussions between the majority parties are on high. By the way, the mood should not be the best. But from the exit, at the back of the coat will be that the citizen must wear a mask as soon as he closes the door behind him; so either drive to work, drive or walk.

Wearing a mask mandatory? I laughed foolishly. Years ago, we debated whether or not hiding his face presumably is correct. Disguise Law! And above all, top experts have plausibly told us weeks ago that a face mask would have nothing to do with our safety. Even scientists are only humans and over a billion Chinese have shaken their heads. The mask should be in this war against the virus our friend like the soldier’s shotgun!

As far as that piece of fabric is concerned, there has been, for days, greasy gossip between the communities and “their” home ministry.

recently, there was a meeting between the Syvicol Municipal Syndicate and the Minister Taina Bofferding and the vote actually went through the ceiling. In fact, the municipalities are feeling completely empty in the rain!

Why should every community order these masks seperately? Larger communities in Luxembourg and Esch may still be able to beat it, but what makes a small town like the notorious small “Klengwäinheffen “?! Why doesn’t the Interior Ministry take the lead? After all, the Health Ministry has not left the clinics alone. these masks are not so easy to get, be it let one play his political and diplomatic relations.

Municipalities also want to move forward on other points. The fact that the pipes are still empty, was never in discussion. But what about the interface? That, in a first run, the municipal employees received congratulations for family raisins, it was understandable, but that was good for two weeks, which are long overdue. The same question asks for the various recycling centers. Municipalities also have problems with procurement: can, should, be done?

For many ministers, the Corona crisis is an extreme challenge. Exit from the provisional restrictions just as well. However, the economic crisis is even more so! At the moment, it doesn’t scare me, but what will happen next few years ?!


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