Coronavirus: is the worst thing already behind us?

Image par Alexas_Fotos de Pixabay

flinten-Uschi is just ridiculous. The EU Commission President has not been involved in covid-19 matters for weeks. She was stuck on the moon with her green deal and is now trying to ratchet up: Mrs von der Leyen is showing on Twitter and facebook how she is washing her hands correctly!

Equally many European countries received or will receive protective clothing and face masks from the People’s Republic of China; Italy got logistical help from evil Russians and also from Cuba! This shows us how weak the European continent was for this war against the virus. A little bit I am already ashamed of Europe’s richness, just as I am ashamed of its refugee policy!

iam very proud therefore for my own country. Apart from a few hysterical moments at the beginning of the crisis, people hold 95% to the rules of the game. It goes without saying that the exponential climbing of the new infections will fortunately not be as severe as it was felt. Although, there are jobs that are particularly exposed. Alongside the health professional, this is for example the police. In the Cité Policière at Findel, the number of positive tests in 7 cases increased on Friday to 15 on Monday. So over the weekend a doubling.

The unions had a meeting with Minister Bausch over Skype. The Directorate-General has had to make some points, including and above all, with regard to their blockade against the teletravail. A note from the service now also states that the second officer must be seated at the right. The teams that run on patrol should not switch constantly either, so the same cops always run away.

of course there are a multitude of small things, inaccuracies in the communication about which one could respond. But such criticism is not present at the moment, after Moto Augen to and through! Even more so where the freshly baked health minister is doing a good job. If she continues like this on a course without major flaws, then Mrs. Paulette Lenert will appear in the next political monitor as a shooting star with the Socialists; I could well imagine that – provided that, it all runs out right – the next top candidate will be available to lead the LSAP and the national elections.

I also welcome the fact that large municipalities such as the city of Luxembourg and Esch leave the shops which rent a building belonging to the commune. So the rent is not high, so the municipality does not cost much, but it is a good sign. It would be nice if the owners of the houses in the Grand-ducal move in that direction, but there I probably dream …

And so the health situation is not catastrophic, so I think about the economic crisis that is coming. And about the Corexit! The oblivious measures against the virus were taken for 14 days, with the possibility of going into extension. For the next 5 to 12 days, the government must have a plan in place to slowly get the economy back on track. That’s easier said than done!

Should shops be all the time opening their doors? How about a cafe and a restaurant? The craft? The construction? It is probably too early to discuss this in public, and indeed the government is forcing it to think about it and draw up a possible plan!


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