Coronavirus: Live a New, Old World!

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t’s one of those moments where many people say, “It couldn’t go on,” a statement linked to the firm belief, at least with the wish that a new world would emerge after the pandemic. New and much better! Better ecological, more fair, more peaceful! Beautiful it would be, but I don’t believe it.

History has taught us something different. After every major disaster, the world has not stopped dreaming. And yet, there were minor changes! Adaptations! For example, the plague which broke down about 25 percent of the population in Europe in the 14th century. Apart from the immense misery, the labor force became rarer … and therefore more expensive; in England, within 100 years, wages have risen to double that; The farmers eventually took over the parcels of land and slowly became landowners! Social progress!

In the 18th century came the chickens, which meant death to half a million people, especially children every year, 1 century later it was Cholera, also known as the Asian sick. It took a while until scientists of the time understood that the disease had something to do with hygiene: in Paris the “tout-à-l’égout” was built, and there are those who claim to have ‘Cholera would also have something to do with the domesticization of the French capital; the avenues were widened to keep the risk of contamination smaller. A kind of social distancing! Social progress!

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ovid-19 would be the disease of globalization, it often means today. That’s right. Earlier, if the disease remained in China, it would have taken at least decades to spread. Today, this is done through the aviation within a few hours. It goes without saying that in addition to the anti-terror security measures, others will be added to airports that are related to our health!

Furthermore, Covid-19 has shown us in a brutal way that despite our great medical progress, our modern society can quickly be attacked and injured on that plan. With a virus that constantly mutates – sometimes with our help! – science is constantly falling behind. The recent virus has also made it clear that our health system is not at all well set up: waiting periods of a few months or more have been a (over) viable examination and are no exception, but rather the rule. The situation was made even more evident by the pandemic!

Modern times bring with it modern diseases. The number of illnesses after a trip to an exotic country has increased. The diseases are often unexplored, not taken seriously. The patient is told by the doctor: “Have a good pizza again. It helps!”

ageneral assessment of the health sector is therefore expected, an additional clinic in Luxembourg would not be available. With security, this pandemic has other implications, including the (severe) economic crisis. Not power inventive! For example, at night almost the city center of Brussels became extremely traffic-dependent. The crisis can continue to be a good opportunity to only economically embrace those companies of the state if, when possible, they are more environmentally friendly!

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So the world will not be reinvented, but it can be turned to screws. Economic liberalism will not be allowed to break.

In the past, mankind assumed in a great catastrophe that the gods were annoyed over man, because they were not good. Today, ecological collapsologists come up with a final view: it would be the revenge of nature on human beings, because it deals so brutally with them. A virus is the most natural thing in the world and he reminds us that nature also does not always think good with us.

In this specific case, the solution lies not in the natural, but in the artificial: in the vaccine, … if you want it!


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