Coronavirus plus a dip of Ravioli


for the media it is always the same dilemma! What to do in the event of a (natural) disaster? If you do the full program, we will gladly declare it as a spectacle of media, especially in case the announced disaster presents itself as soap bubble! For example, if storms are predicted and the result is just a good spoon. So far this year, we have no need to talk about snowfall. The media is still there in the torch of panic and disclosure. Even in terms of the new coronavirus.

This tiny monster can cause a lot of unrest, on a health level, but also on social and economic. Two months ago, there was still a purely “Chinese problem”, at least since yesterday, when the number of infections in Italy has increased dramatically, it is also a European challenge. I wish there was a broader discussion, including politics: not to panic, but to show that a “B” plan is ready in the drawer!

it begins at the European level. The Minister of Health sat down before the crowds without deciding much.

Image par leo2014 de PixabayThey just accorded to help each other out in case of emergency and to provide the necessary protective masks if necessary. For the rest, one wants to keep the situation in mind. The attitude of the Luxembourg government, in this case the Ministry of Health, is likewise summarized: one observes further, the more important thing to be heard: We do not know it!

The fact that the Luxembourg embassy in Italy must admit that there are neither directives nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to raping Luxembourg from European countries, leaves the world blank. Https:// 1474307.html That no checks are done on the frontier is beyond comprehension to this point, but it would be good if the country were to be betrayed as the plan of emergency should look like! Degree Luxembourg is extremely vulnerable with its “petitesse”, with limits to three neighbors, and above all, with more than 200,000 frontiers every day.

what is foreseen for the emergency? Are there any controls? What do they look like? Some rooms in the Center Hospitalier are reserved for possible quarantines, what if the number of infections increases? Should a town in Luxembourg be closed for a few days or two weeks, what does the refueling look like? With what economic downturn is to be expected? That being said, not to panic, but to explain to people that one is actually working a little bit more than just observing.

Well! Meanwhile, I’ll forage a little bit. I buy a can of ravioli and instantsoup; So the Americans survived the last world war!


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