Coronavirus: The crisis after the crisis!

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there are people who believe that the coronavirus-plagued human would now have better time. He might finally think about his lifestyle as a gay consumer, in the genre: do I really need a new phone, does a bag by Louis Vuitton actually have to be ?! Also, think about the refugee problem, which is probably something to think about. It may, however, be that the man does not have much time left at all.

Somewhere – in 6 to 18 months – that virus left us. Within the next few weeks, several thousand people will be infected, one or the other who will not survive. We are currently in a state of emergency that cannot continue forever! Our economy doesn’t pack that! Even today, the damage is great!

Examples in the small scale best illustrate what a massive asset the State is doing: in the city center, a restaurant must pay around 40,000 euros rent a month and again over € 100,000 for wages plus kidney costs for 40 employees. . The wages and unemployment rates are, therefore, financially secure, but they are borne by the state. If the owner of the building does not make the fancy gesture and leaves the rent – at least for a month – then the restaurant is within the shortest period of time and its people have to look for a new employer.

A lot of examples are there of how things are in the tone! Many cleaning women are currently unemployed, the taxi driver does not roll the euro like sos, the server / s and bistro and restaurant drive home the daylights, sellers / inside, the luxury aircraft fleet is at zero, Good -Year there is no more rubber, the craftsmanship is in idle, and, and, and …. (.) Are all these people partial to the embarrassment of unemployment? How long? Should it take longer to get these people paid / unpaid leave? At the moment, Labor Minister Dan Kersch has once “reserved” 500 million for the employment fund!

It should not stick to the money! tells the government to calm down, where no one can say at the moment how much this economic crisis is ending! The bill is all significantly more expensive than the banking crisis! The state pays, and the state we are all.

economy Minister Franz Fayot’s appearance on Friday evening showed little conviction, neither of her oral performance, nor of its content. If the prime minister is throwing like a megaphone: we will not let anyone stand in the rain so was Mr Fayot’s statement: we probably can’t help every company! An unhappy statement that has certainly contributed to the existence of the freelance professionals. Above all, however, support for the economy should fall quickly and uncomplicatedly: the Chamber of Commerce fears that the government is developing a pointer that many businesses must fill the gaps with the filling of the paper bags!

A company can receive up to 800,000 euros in support. Hands down a lot, but that will only come into question for some very large companies. The Chamber of Commerce was in possession of a financial envelope a few days ago, in the order of 54.5 million euros; distributed to all the companies in the country would amount to just € 1500. A ridiculous sum!

This is obviously about being in direct aid to the economy. However, quite a few companies will be permanently shut out of the coronavirus debacle. Example: Luxair. One can already say that the summer business will fall short. State support for a few years in a number of companies was signed off, and this could be included in the public sector! Our German neighbor is already talking about a financial envelope of 600 billion euros and a debt reduction of 150 billion euros!

everyone stumbles into darkness at times, and so is it fiercely disputed by politicians. It is hardly conceivable that tax reform remains a political priority. The so-called oocyte – with its houses of excise tax on fuel and fuel – is hopefully part of a provisional past: people will be provided enough in the coming months and years, because the state they all need and that state needs urgent capital! It would be missing out to take advantage of the currently exceptionally low injection prices and, almost unnoticed, decide on a house of the excise.

That’s why I certainly don’t understand the statement made by STATEC Director Serge Allegrezza, quoted in the paperjam, with the weather: With a little chance, Luxembourg will pass along a recession! From what crowd is this man being picked on ?! Was it just to calm down? Then the awakening in a few months will be even more brutal! On the other hand, I share with the man’s estimation that the virus has made it clear that there are not enough clinics in the Grand Duchy!

We often pander over the million-state and look no further than our nose! Pretty much how we decided a second prison quite late! As the population grows, crime rises accordingly and so do the health needs. Or is it normal for a woman with her child to wait 12 hours in parenthood?

It seems we have no time at all to think about mobile phones and Louis Vuitton’s bag. We have long been in Hamster territory! And I hope that Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna will be at his press conference next week, with proposals to show us a way out of the crisis …


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