Covid in Luxembourg: almost 2000 dead ?!

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InJ uly they said in Luxembourg: the second Covid wave is coming! She seems to need a long time, because she has not really arrived yet. On 21 July, RTL came with the good news that there could be up to 2,000 co-deaths in the Grand Duchy at the end of August,, in which case the second wave could be more severe than the first. The highly speculative information came not only from RTL, but with the support of Institut Research Luxembourg.

Although the journalist in question used the subject in the article mordicus, the report served its purpose: to panic. In order for everyone to adhere to the precautions, no one is dancing out of line! Today, we do not have 2000 deaths, but 124. In other words, the number of deaths attributable to Covid (!) Represents a rate of 0.020% on the total population. In our French neighbor, where over 30,000 deaths are to go to the account of Covid, the situation is similar. The weekly newspaper L’EXPRESS – not exactly known for populism – comes at a rate of 0.045 percent! Thus, the legitimate question arises: was the uprising against the virus actually necessary, respectively: was not the bow crossed ?!


research Luxembourg has opened many small doors with this so-called study and foresees different scenarios: At best, researchers expect 200 new infections per day at the height of this second wave. Over 50 intensive care units would be needed – that would be packable – but still the death toll would rise to almost 1,000 people. So that’s just the half-hearted message! And the next door: According to their analysis, the development does not look good if not opposed and additional measures are taken. We actually did not oppose it. Only massive tests were carried out, whereby the number of new positives increased just as massively, enough at all times, to put us on a blacklist for weeks.

In the Tageblatt Research today (01/09) thinks that the number of infections could increase in mid-September.

From the beginning of September, social interactions would possibly increase again due to the end of the holiday season, which could lead to a significant increase in the daily number of infections..Researchers are talking about an increase of between 30 and 70 percent, or even “a third wave from mid-September!” In other words: the second wave with 2000 dead would have passed without us noticing! As Coluche said over three decades ago:

They want us to be smart and they talk to us like idiots! So how do you do it?

The fear therefore arose from the fact, given the low mortality of Covid-19 and the specificity of the victims, of the absence of treatment (EXPRESS No 3606)

.In other words: we were surprised by the virus! It is in this sense that I do not blame either politics or the media. We were like falling from all the clouds. However, this only applies to the first wave! What followed was rather displaced. Newspaper and radio in particular could have analyzed the government policy much more critically, yes questioned it. This is not treason! At the very least, scientists representing a diametrically opposed position should be allowed to speak. This is how democracy works!

result: Citizens who think differently are branded as conspiracy theorists, as populists, yes, as virus-hunters. Peaceful citizens who gather in front of the German Reichstag see their protest being suppressed by right-wing radicals and are thrown into the pot by the press. In doing so, it is a fundamental right in a democracy to question political and economic decisions, to applaud a government. In fact, the democratic right should become a mandatory mandate, because a single opinion, a single truth, is dictatorship!

The media in Luxembourg are in a serious crisis, not just in terms of the financial aspect. They no longer have the same support from the people as they did 40 years ago. In the past, it was often said: “they said it on the radio”, which meant: “so it’s true”. With an ever-increasing number of media consumers, social media opened up a different world: informing themselves and thus more and more often turning their backs on the traditional press.

It would be time to counteract this evolution, because leaving the field to the world of the Internet alone is just as much a lost battle for democracy. Abroad, they understood that message …


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