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“Bank and Credit (…) the most powerful means of capitalist production over its own countertops, and as the most effective vehicle of the crisis and the scam”

Karl Marx was of the view that the crises of capital would somehow lead to a lasting crisis of capitalism and that civil society was not yet the incarnation of the world spirit. That being the case, Normalo states our world, which in fact still has to work for its money, and not, as for a minority of the same world, the money for someone (or them, of course), so pretty much. And it seems that today – and this, after the contest of ideologies and systems, in which the humanist image of the humanist few would have survived as much as it had been sought – that Marx’s beliefs about the crisis are once again a glance worth it. Marx is back, who was even a few “communist-friendly” and then pro-communist, very suspicious American newspapers, even for a few months. It is even Christian authors who suggest that Marx – the one with Jesus on the same stage – was right! Also, if Karl Marx changed the casino capitalism of today’s world, and even after the global financial crisis this fall 2008, he has not changed anything – except that the governments still have to undermine the dictatorship of the banks and have to turn the stupid voting people – into its present form could not naturally be predicted.

Stichwort: World financial crisis. Or the global financial crisis, which reached its peak on September 15, 2008, as the US-based investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. It was the biggest corporate plea of ​​history – most notably, it was the beginning of the worst global financial crisis since 1929. The effects are traceable until today. And now, until the banks came here via CSSF, that was the thing! Then these elites let go… .Mar Marx (which is a piquant coincidence) stems from the “financial education of all citizens” as a consequence of the financial crisis, which has shown that ebendic vision (Quote Marx, Claude – naturally) “financial education a more important role in life play “must… Would you not recommend the banks for your money and profit unit a corresponding education in terms of“ money and ethics ”- from who ever? Maybe (still a conservative, human world view) of the simple housewife and mother, who had to figure out exactly with the division of household money and know who had to save and suck in money? Or the many savers that you get rid of with ridiculous hints at your “markets” in your savings port? And a political class that is quietly silent? This, incidentally, is pretty much the only way for the banks to incur costs and (heavy) fees. And then, in fact, you are allowed, in fact, to take advantage of the “CSSF” strengthening of consumer protection in this context – and in the same breath, the citizens as consumers of this country’s problems in “understanding the corresponding information” vulgo stupidity). And the politics? Stands best left bare – and silent!

www. letzfin. lu – Knowledge exchange in the financial area – Information portal “LITTINFIN”, a dynamic learning game in the form of “Chatbots” – “FinGol: The Financial Game of Life” – “Lifetime Budget” – we adults finally learn “Budget Management” – “Lifetime Pocket money”, Of course, in modern times, an approach to budget management for young people is naturally lacking. And all these beautiful tools dictated by today’s CSSF dictate financial education for the normal consumerist people of the digital world of the future, so to speak, somehow, about the rounds to come. And indeed, who is the capital that the money elites of this world desire. Top – you can only go there!

Oh yes – and then so very much from Marxschem Munde (Claude again) the topic of second and third pillars of the old-age care is addressed: operating rates and (above all) the state-sponsored unaffiliated provident, thus any private life or pension insurance as well as my private providence Fund savings plans. And we do not forget the coming (EU – dictated) pension tax – so it looks like the coming Social Policy – you can see exactly the recent statements from our future EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit – further tax, which of course, today’s pension – and * pension were involved in it… .Also, if one is in the form quite (yet) moving away. That sign is always known to the people – and not to the Robots, who replaced the annoying (wage-dependent) working people!

In fact, we need all of them, were still to come – and sometimes the CSSF was right – in fact, all of them, so Marx (Claude, again), knowledge-mediated financial education, though still “a sustainable financial behavior”, that it (in the sense of alternative capitalist systems, understands) “to promote” applies.

Where does the fully announced social system change remain?

Where is the departure from brutal capitalism?

Where is Social Europe?

And so Shakespeare,

Frank Bertemes


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