CSV before a demolition trial?


CSV is drifting away from the public and wants to exterminate those young people! Some are good, some don’t know where to travel. It is true that the party wants to get away from the image of being an eel-lord party, but, is it good for you, aren’t these guys too much? The CSV, just like the LSAP, has a big problem with the staff cap.



First, Martine Hansen came to release Claude Wiseler at the top of the parliamentary group, the change made sense, after the October 14 debate. Now then, the replacement of the party president. Gebongt! Marc Spautz didn’t make much of a cut, so the change made sense! But, the “political youth” argument alone does not. Martine Hansen was called to the government by Jean-Claude Juncker, who has a number of political experiences in the last year – especially in the opposition – but leading a faction is another pair of shoes! Until now, with her work as a MP, she has not left a bad feeling for the voters, let alone what it will look like in a few months for Madame. In order to replace Marc Spautz, Serge Wilmes was in the conversation: the shooting star from the town of Luxembourg, the new future of the old gentlemen. Well, there is also an opposition, with Frank Engel, who has remained exclusively in the European environment for the past year, and who now that the JCJ is no longer in the way, wants to return to national politics.


“With two candidates for the party stage, there will be no good results for no one!”

Frank Engel decided last year to imitate the junk: snarky phrases, formulated with pointed tongue and packed with a certain arrogance. No stupid man, just a little bit of himself and often stands himself in his feet!


At the beginning, it was clear that Serge Wilmes would win the race, so that meant a great result. We get the result next week, in the meantime, run the so-called hearing, with echoes, like: Wilmes is more sympathetic, the angel more competent. As the election fails, the two do not necessarily belong to the winners! And the question arises: which of the two is able, with a relatively weak result, to unite and bring the party into their abject disorientation? Frank Engel certainly has his militants, but he has strong opponents. Should he be elected, the future of the party might be at stake!



“It’s all about building a true plan for the future!…”.

The new CSV president must not only have his own troops behind him, he must also be in a consensus position if, in any case, he intends to go to the coalition bed with another party. Had the Greens not been so vigorous three months ago, Xavier Bettel would have been willing to talk to Claude Wiseler about a new government. Would that also be possible with a CSV, which has as its president a Frank Engel? I’m rather skeptical …




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