CSV is not solving their organizational problem yet!

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In May, the party got a second look, but at the same time a secret: the losses in the European elections were done just as well, not just because a mandate was lost, but mainly because it confirmed the trend which was has announced at the last national elections. The risk here is that the CSV has to go the same way as before its socialists: large people’s parties are no longer asked that way, have no “sex appeal” anymore, as the party’s leader Frank Engel might say. In addition, there is a lack of programmatic renewal, as well as a know-how and political courage from such representatives. Sure: CSV is by far the strongest faction, but how many of those 21 are willing to hold their heads? Quite clearly: Laurent Mosar and Gilles Roth landed a nice coup with the so-called secret cashier, but the rest of the faction band heads in, holding their mouths, so that one might wonder: is that all that the long-standing Giving government party approval?


The party is looking for the electorate for the election, and one that has already been found: the new party president, Frank Engel. The man was and is in the party, and especially in the faction. The evidence was the list for the European elections: not a single political mandate was prepared to stand as a candidate. This shows that a large majority of the MPs have a problem with Frank Engel.

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But to put that man alone as the sin-box, things got too easy. It is important to give the President a further deadline until the end of the year. If so far he has not succeeded in bringing the party to another, on his course, one can and must talk about his person, perhaps he will draw his own consequences. He also has it very difficult, because he has no mandate in national politics, and much more must stir to speak of himself in public; in stark contrast to the Martine Hansen faction: she has the support of the MPs and can at any time intervene at parliamentary level. But she has not yet had any real journeys, the faction has not yet joined as a team, where each deputy has his place, his duties. Politically interesting, the discussions on constitutional reform, where the party wants to be open to all sides, with the idea of ​​establishing the energy neutrality of the country and the constitution – which are why Green is required – and with the proposal, possibly organizing a consultative referendum on foreign voting rights; either the Luxembourg confirmed the result of last time, or it turns out that many voters in 2015 from pure rage to Gambia voted three times for the “no”. In addition, the CSV must realize that it will once again lose some voters in the favor of ADR. However, it can also be a progressive party; in any case, broad discussion in the people would mean a plus value to democracy!


With 21 people’s representatives, one is still quite solid and only one has the finances left – no small apparatus behind. The party moves politically in the middle, with liberal and social components. As far as the liberal aspect is concerned, the party of the DP seems to have been taken over and, even in the social environment, it has lost its strength. Where do strong voices from the past remain, such as Michel Wolter, Marc Spautz, Claude Wiseler? One can reasonably humanize that they have moved back into the second, yes, and third, but they would need it urgently. Signing in regularly on Facebook and wishing people a wonderful weekend is not enough; that looks rather like old-man politics. Above all, however, the party has overlooked – or underestimated – that the political center has changed! My former neighborhood of Lamperbierg was an absolute mansion of the CSV in my youth; even the tag sheet doesn’t even get you in the stationery! And today? Vive the green! Zone 30 from top to bottom!


Isn’t it a mistake to leave the green area alone for the green? Reached out in times where this party has been in government for almost 6 years and until now, apart from tram and turbo-round-points, has not been politically upset! Of course, no one, nor any opposition party, wants to speak first with the proposal and the public to talk about a CO2 tax, which should cost 89 euros per tonne. But just as the Greens had bristled with such similar propositions, they still sat on the opposition bench as a Muslim Apostle. It must not be too complicated to confront the Greens with their own past, to make the comparison with promises and actual occasions, between theory and practice. 2-3 MPs would have a full-time job, could get into the matter and modernize the party at the same time. Not much else, it made the junk with the delights! Where does Marco Schanck stay? Just writing Crimea makes no policy!



he political middle is overlooked, and yet it remains sputtered. Here, as mentioned above, one can profile on an ecological level and, above all, the CSV must endeavor to find a return to its former leadership position on an economic level. The times when such a favorable position with Juncker and Peace was a sort of “self-loafer” are over, but the financial world is waiting for clear signals from the party landscape; In the course of the year, a good deal of frustration was raised with regard to the government policy, which, for reasonable reasons, put a great deal on the defensive. However, there are those people at the CSV who want to take on this role. Except once again the tandem of Roth / Mosar, no one there! To put it bluntly: of the 21 people’s representatives, there are 15 sleeping nuts. In the same situation, it is true that those gentlemen and ladies are at all ministries, if at all one could do so to set up a government …

And it wouldn’t be too dumb to focus on digital either: this is where the next world war will play out. The government, though, had set up a special ministry before that, however, there was still no piping for it. The affair of the “secret” cashier also affected the digital component. And the next affair – in which a patronage representative is involved – will come and show how tightly our country is set up or not in this area!





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