CSV: who does nothing that breaks nothing



o rightly renewed that the CSV has not seen since the departure of Jean-Claude Juncker. Nevertheless, she won the municipal elections, and the outlook is not bad enough for the Conservatives to go back into government responsibility this year. Und then? On reprend les mêmes et on continuous? In the next few months, the party will have to let it go, as well as the women and men involved in leader Claude Wiseler, as well as the programmatic.

It was right to leave that gap, which Juncker in the party, as fast as possible to close. The election of Wiseler was thus inaccessible: a man standing in a CSV tradition for consensus, having had government experience and, through that witness, became the next prime minister, even though it was said afterwards that he sometimes acted too easily, so no quick decisions are made. It is very interesting to ask, if the party can even prove, as a candidate (s) who did not have enough profiling, but also with the necessary know-how, to say later on the Minister?


WWho will? Who can?


Didn’t Claude Wiseler have to think about it now, to build a so-called competence team here? He had made up his mind with certainty and shared my conclusions that he did not necessarily have the qual of choice. His party, however, has more than 23 representatives in parliament, of which the fewest are still responsible for ministerial responsibility. Spontaneously we find Martine Hansen in the north, Françoise Hetto in the east, Marc Spautz and Gilles Roth in the south and in the center it would be neither Wiseler nor Laurent Mosar. Do you still want a Michel Wolter, who certainly has the necessary qualifications and also has plenty of experience in the backpack, who has been counted on points since the public sector pension reform? Who is it with Mrs. Viviane Reding? The former EU Commissioner, with certainty – despite her sometimes impossible amenity – could find a good election result, could easily qualify as a candidate for a ministerial office, but would hardly symbolize the political renaissance. This same statement applies to Mrs. Octavie Modert. And why should a government involvement in the case lead the Chamber faction?



he party has not been able to recruit your staff, speak: send new, renowned candidates in the arena. Serge Wilmes and Georges Mischo are the exceptions and must first castigate the horns in municipal politics. As we have seen, Wiseler would inevitably have to finish mice, herbeizuzauberbe some or other surprise candidates, as it has been since Juncker with ABBL Director Lucien Thiel. The CSV needs new faces, but it is not possible to apply the policy of “chiens aboient et la caravane”. It is important, therefore, to consider the necessary equilibrium, when it is necessary to divide the ministerial posts: political Neulinge has been brought in, mice have been trained by experienced colleagues. The experience with the Gambia has shown that a ministerial chair can be transferred to the Schleuder seat, if one is in his last months or so in practice.

The CSV stands for law and order, which is the hallmark of any conservative party. But that is rich in far from nothing! In the past few years, she had to fall back on the legitimate pretexts of the government parties, that she had a tendency to staunch criticism, without presenting any concrete countermeasures. Clearly, opposition in the first line involves everything from the government side bad reason, but next to this brickwork, it must also provide a program, a project. The country now wants to prepare for the future. But who? Claude Wiseler says he does not agree with the proposal for the State House, because in greasy years you had to lay the necessary financial backing for lean years on the high edges. And was Taten Juncker und Frieden? Do they not even lose the money before the parliamentary elections? To enchant, the quote “Bluff von Gambia” excites no one.

The campaign for the municipal elections was quite boring in many places, since each party devoted itself to the subjects of residential construction and mobility. Because both themes are exciting, yet neither party accomplished it, recovered particularly, it lacked the AHA effect! Suddenly, one wants to delay wild economic growth and return to the magic word “qualitative growth”. And what was that supposed to be? Not many more workplaces, but still enough, work abundantly to fill our rent, so do an annual increase and write 3-4 percent?

Through the state of a (first) coalition on a governmental level, the country is politically split: those who cheered on some new people who felt betrayed by others. For the CSV, it is not possible to turn Gambia into a long nose for your announced plea, without having to work it up as a real alternative. Then there is still a long way to go.


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