Daniel Miltgen and the Kirchberg Plateau!

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With leave, Mr. Professor Markus HESSE, your apparent majesty and the address of the responsible of the Kirchberg Building Fund, in the framework of the public works repetitive presentation of the most recent Philosophy of Town Planning on Kirchberg, see cf. In fact, for more than 3 decades, the decision-makers of the state fund and their political tutors, who were then Robert GOEBBELS (LSAP), Erna HENNICOT SCHOOLS (CSV), Claude WISELER (CSV) and now, François BAUSCH (The Green) ) as a counseling-resistant eternal striker if they consistently write and write down any concrete expertise and expertise in the direction of a future urban planning and settlement development according to the principles of sustainability. Undoubtedly, all of his expertise is rarely infused by the “Fonds du Kirchberg” decision-makers of the counterpart, which was proposed.

Thus your justified fear of the emergence is a “suburban” by the erection of a monolithic residential desert with pronounced social-space segregation heard. This repair is apparently not failing to develop even more cost-intensive than the clean-up of purely technical flops that have long been aided by a variety of construction engineers, architects and government officials on the former splendor platform. Der Kirchberg must never again be considered a large Robinson’s playground for self-renowned architectural popes and hobby cities, for boundless experiments with the living spaces of many people.


Luxembourg, October 25, 2019

My best regards.


Ing. for space planning and space order at TU Wien


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