Daniel Miltgen:” I accuse”!

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open letter to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg

With all due respect, Mr. Xavier Bettel and Co., I have to accuse you of grave negligence.

My four-week and very painful stay in the thorax clinic in Heidelberg, followed by a three-week presence in the lung rehabilitation clinic “Schön” near Berchtesgaden, almost exactly a year ago, legitimize these lines. All the more so since I may under no circumstances get the Corona virus, a serious danger that you and your vassals will, grossly negligent, expose me to and will continue to do so for a long time.

Since 2012 (read: for the past 96 months), politicians have known that the German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, in which the Robert Koch Institute is also involved, has published the “pandemic” risk analysis. This work, which is regularly revised and published, “serves as a precautionary approach to possible dangers and the expected effects on the population, their livelihoods and public security and order. Your results should serve as a basis for information and decision-making and thus enable risk- and need-based prevention and defense planning in civil and disaster protection. ”

It has been proven that politicians have had a scientifically sound set of rules for the optimal, if not perfect, organization of political and administrative action when a pandemic occurs. Likewise, the details of loosening the curfew in a more level-headed atmosphere could have been worked out, explained and enforced according to an intelligent plan. But politicians obviously set different priorities in other policy areas than in healthcare and ultimately had to go upside down, often accompanied by hysterical seizures that the COVID 19 pandemic managed according to its ad hoc taste.

Ultimately, the bulging state coffers of Luxembourg allowed the gross mistakes of action, often overwhelmed by politicians and their henchmen, to be covered up. The reserves of inadequate face masks and hardly any ventilators as well as insufficient intensive care beds and much more. could be increased at short notice through costly panic purchases, although not infrequently with material of questionable quality.

Politics failed miserably and, nevertheless or because of this, blindly mimicking the other countries, took an entire nation hostage in the alternating pool of “Jugend forscht” and obvious helplessness, drove economic activity into a concrete wall and steered public finances into disaster .

Nonetheless, the choreographers of the whole misery can be celebrated as heroes, the heavily shaken nation, and do not dream of drawing political consequences from the de facto homemade disaster, although such a step would be appropriate for decency.


Hon.Government Council


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