Daniel Miltgen: The green ones are thickly covered! Is it their end in government?

Image parFree-Photos de Pixabay

Did the Greens finish?

Or did some party apparatus disassemble a miraculous idea from lower movers in a short period of time.



The best horse in the stable of the green team, the indisputable and the intelligent head of the Green Judge, Félix BRAZ, Minister of Justice unfortunately still lies at the intensive care station in the hospital and it is unclear whether or not his ministry can lead again.

With the Minister of Infrastructure François BAUSCH, which seems to be the incarnation of the Greenwashings, the present government has prepared a member who is rightly condemned, even if only to the symbolic euro plus € 750 as a procedure cost, to pay to former SREL co-worker Frank SCHNEIDER. Anyway condemned!

The Minister of the Environment Carole DIESCHBOURG will have to be legally responsible in the event of her granting her party’s legal permit to Roberto TRAVERSINI an illegal compliance permit. In the act, there was no legal remodeling work in an illegally constructed chalet in the middle of the “Prenzebierg” nature conservation area, or even ex-post. After all, these garden houses were built after the entry into force of the first nature conservation law beginning in the 1960s and are afterwards a illegally constructed property. If they are legally obtained, that approval of the Minister of the Environment would be legal. But that was not so!


Roberto TRAVERSINI himself is the trainer in the Waage aber. If the Green Party does not cover it, they could leave it and either join another faction or fulfill its mandate as an Independent Deputy until the end of the legislative period. In this case, Gambia would end up having no majority in parliament. This explains the above story of Christian KMIOTEK. To get out of this aggravating situation, the Green Party had to order the member of Roberto TRAVERSINI to reside in the Ministry of Housing, which was politically equivalent to suicide, or rather to nominate a First Government Council in the Ministry of Sustainability. The subsequent census of the population would be eaten and digested after 5 weeks, as the affair Maggy NAGEL (DP) proved.










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