Dear teenagers


Iwelcome that you take to the streets to demonstrate against climate change. No matter if the change is made by human hand or has a natural origin, our planet has been severely stripped of decades. Since you are my generation – and this is the elders’ intention, to do absolutely nothing at this point, I would like to answer the following:



es, my generation has had other difficulties in their youth. We wanted to make the world safer, against nuclear missiles and against nuclear industry we manifested. We also wanted to make society more social, which in part succeeded us. With a stricter labor law, the airline of different employer boundaries is set. The number of days off rose, the importance of women increased vigorously, parental leave was introduced; that gays should get married, organic farming has been created … citizens are doing better for us in general!

But, you are right: our generation has consumed significantly more than their parents and grandparents!

“Where does that come from”

Q uite simply: we have become a victim of increasing freedoms. If grandma and grandpa used to go on vacation for a maximum of once a year, we do that – those who can afford it – 3-4 times a year. And then you fly with an airline company for an apple and a piece of bread,


so it is possible for almost everyone. You belong to that generation who can fly to London or Madrid for € 35! But, fortunately, with all those freedoms one still has the choice to consume or not. That is why I welcome your idealism and you should not let it out on the streets because the old people bring nothing, just a little Gaudi for a while (believe me, we also did demo joy). Now, give a good example.

  • when the weather allows, take the bicycle to the high school. Leave the car at home, use the public transport.
  • go on a vacation for maxima once a year. A cruise is a no-go, avoiding the plane if possible.
  • don’t buy your food and sweets in plastic.
  • do not drink water from the bottle; the water coming from the wall is perfect.
  • take one shower a day and do not change your clothes too often.
  • Keep your mobile phone and Leptop for at least 8 years.
  • read many books on environmental protection.
  • make projects in your school building to improve the situation.

This way, you will end up with more credibility! Demos on the road are nice and good, but only in a first attempt to draw attention to yourselves and to the problem that you want to point out.

image credits:pixabay

Then one must outdo his idealism with the other, setting a good example. It is therefore important to respect the democratic principle that there are people who do not share your opinion; also one should consider democracy.

At any rate, I am glad that young people are returning to the street for an idea; this has been among the rarities in recent years. It is now up to you to make sure that the action does not take hold, because, even the “gilets jaunes” in France are slowly going off the air. You have to imagine society that one can not only consume, but also dispense … and not just at a few hours of school that one swings!


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