Decorating the party landscape?

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At the last municipal elections one could think: business as usual! Although the CSV had run out of government, they were on their way back. The Luxembourgers are not leaving the “value of money” so quickly – with which – in spite of the pension reform in the civil service and without the SREL business – 40 years have passed. The Christian societies were so strengthened in the municipalities that one could see through it that they too would be advocated for national politics. Blacks relied on a good TNS-ILRES survey and, accordingly, had little gas in the election campaign. The result: that was what never happened in Luxembourgish politics: the CSV did not enter the government for the second time in a row. Obviously, there were errors in the campaign, but wasn’t our traditional party landscape changing too?



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he Socialists were the first big losers. In Luxembourg, they have twice the worst since the war. In France, the party is rightfully sacked, of course due in part to a weak President François Hollande? ” A similar situation in Germany 100-percent candidate Martin Schulz was beaten in the last Bundestag election so he was no longer good to go.

In some cases, it has served the conservative parties, although not as severely. In France and Germany they were severely punished, in Luxembourg they may still be the most: 10 years (probably) politics without CSV, which was unavailable until now. The two classic peoples parties – right and left – thus lost a great deal of trust, in parallel, other parties followed suit and many other parties joined. In France, it is difficult to maintain the breakthrough; in Germany, a branch developed into the third strongest force. Well, there was another phenomenon in it.

“The Greens have given up their trade funds and have also arrived in the middle!”


survey in eastern Germany undermines the eco-party’s position: 19 percent of people believe that they can trust this party the most! Excited in the East! CDU and SPD come in at only 16 percent. In Luxembourg, the Greens were surprised by an excellent result last October 14. No one – nor did I – count for it; the dream coalition could be continued solely by the Greens. That has its causes.

The Greens had as a single party a few weeks before the election Sunday made a new survey, with the result that everything was going well for them. They did it like CSV: just not saying too much, just not to risk it. With the small difference that this was the right decision for the graying and the wrong for the CSV. Still, the crucial question arises: why is it rolling so well for the green? We personally notice that they have abandoned their fund of commerce and are also moving in the political center. In the middle, they were still “value conservatives” (Fr. Bausch’s dixit), but often came as a party of the 100 commandments, respectively, bans. And then there was a radical change in these behaviors.

The times are over, where the green prescribe to the citizen, as often as one should drive / take the car or plane to the holidays. Taking a shower or going to a bath to save water is no longer an issue. Salt or cherry in case of snow? About 30 years ago, deliberations were fiercely discussed in public; as the green ones sat on the state shipwreck, roads and sidewalks were just as salty as the decades before! Vegan? Everyone should do as he wishes. In short: one has arrived in real politics, one has added: the Bieber, so the voter has no one to ban his mouth.


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The old Oeko-Futzi over Ayatollah, as they were called, no longer exists, “at least they no longer have the main word in the party. Just like in Luxembourg, the Greens in Germany had a good score and their new Co-head Robert Habeck is regularly seen in talk shows, but he also tries to come across as a modern visionary, but often says 0-8-15 things.A recent example of the cautious policy of the German Greens came this weekend Habeck said in an interview about the federal state of Thuringia in which elections were held in 10 months: “The Greens would agree that the federal land be free and democratic”! With a certain degree of self-sufficiency and even superficiality, the man wanted to understand: without green politics, no democracy! 24 hours later Habeck’s apology came: “I bite me in the ass!” The man wondered if he was still continued stay on Twitter or not.

“nothing against the environment, as long as it is not exaggerated!… “.

So I see for the two traditional parties -conservative and socialist- not only a challenge of the extreme boards, but also of the green ones. In Luxembourg, they are well-positioned, as well in the government as in Parliament. Whether in real politics à la: beautiful tram, nice lift in the city, still a lot of crap, for truly ecological considerations, stay tuned! But, it runs well! The citizen has nothing against the environment, provided it is not exaggerated. The Conservative, in this case the CSV, has to take a stand for Luxembourg. There is no point in attacking an ADR and grazing on the wider board: first, that shot can go down and secondly, the ADR will hit the spot first. The Christian social community must ask themselves: how was it possible that the Greens cut so well last October?




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