Dieschbourg: dining room and concrete slab

Moulin Dieschbourg

this is true in the small country of Luxembourg: the Dieschbourg family has ever owned a mill in Lauterbuer in the commune of Echternach. Nobody is going to do anything about it unless the company is not in compliance with the provisions of the Ministry of the Environment. And that possibility exists!


The family is anxious to preserve the outward character of the mill. For example, there was a dining stall that should be restored in 2003; because the mills are located in a natural zone with a special status, an authorization must be obtained from the Ministry of the Environment. And this came from the then Secretary of State Eugène Berger, but under charge:

The stall could therefore be renovated, but the structure had to be of wood.Which was also done quite correctly.

For years, families had the misfortune that their mills were affected by the floods in the Muller Valley; the damage was great, even in the dining hall, which once again had to be largely rebuilt, but this was done on the basis of a

moulin Dieschbourg

Concrete plate made. From the Ministry of the Environment it still exists in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg today. He contacted the ministry in writing for the record in March, indicating that for such a concrete valley, an authorization would have to be requested and he is looking forward to the provisions of the recent conservation law last year being different to those of the law on use. of material premieres in a zone verte?

That write-up is dated March 4, an answer from the ministry is not yet forthcoming!

Just as in Traversini’s case in Déifferdéng, it would be good and proper if the ministry were to speak in public to the public, including their own family business. Maybe everything can be cleared up easily!


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