Do justice and politics get involved?


from my personal experience, I know that the journalist in the Chamber is free after 5 pm, because of what is happening in the plenary. Besides, it was a surprise surprise, or something that had been announced in advance. For the rest, the reporter is determined to write his article: Radio for Evening and Morning Drop, Newspapers for the Internet and for the Next Day’s Edition. On the other hand, it is worth listening to the speeches, as it was for example last Wednesday!

cSV MP Gilles Roth spoke through the flowers and spoke quite clearly of a letter sent to a President of the Chamber by a state institution; it was enriched that so many parliamentary questions and “secret casework” questions were answered. The President-in-Office should make an effort and review the recoverability of such issues, and in other words freely interpret, the President should no longer leave any issue to this issue! State institution? Here the government has spoken and has strongly disagreed: no government member has written such a letter to the President! Fernand Etgen for his part just felt laconic, he had so far not solved a single question regarding the case. He indirectly confirmed the existence of such a letter. State institution? There we still had the Chamber, but it was hardly puffed to demand a basket for himself. As the last option, stay the third pouvoir, so the judiciary.

That would happen, though the various representatives of the judiciary have shown little prudence in regard to the domestic case. It would be good if the MPs refused to show that letter. In the case of confirmation, it would only be normal if both gentlemen and ladies MPs would invite state prosecutors and the judicial commission, for an opinion on the separation of powers in the state. Although some representatives of the parliament may engage in a parliamentary question like “come on,” it is inevitable that the justice will be there. If a question is questionable or not, they must be re-formulated, which decides alone the President. At this point there seem to be divergences of opinion!


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