Does the government have the necessary ‘punch’?

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in March, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel sent his people back to the barracks; the trade swept up the sidewalks, the whole economy became into a kind of winter sleep. This was not something the government had to decide and enforce. And she did that well! However, the next act in this drama is an even bigger challenge politically: in the deconstruction and economic crisis management style and perseverance of the government are shown.

An economy is not easy to get started by tapping one’s hands! There is often too much interest in one another: the company is burning down, it can finally be put to borrow that the others may prefer to remain under the state umbrella; maybe there is nothing out of the deconfirmation? Either way, the economic crisis is pre-programmed. The aim is to keep the number of corpses – to take over the military jargon of the French president – as low as possible, faster said than done!

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there remains to be seen how united and one of the three coalition partners is. In normal times, small ideological differences between the individual parties can be relatively easily overlooked, thus blanching without giving too much rap and clapping. In times of crisis, the situation is different: the nerve is blank and every party is trying to make solution management to their liking, raising a new political profile, even among the electorate.

There is the risk that the Greens – who have completely disappeared from the political radar – will want to mark Bello and try to return a force with environmental subjects; the other two parties would genuinely go a piece of the way, but just a piece of it. The sea cliff climbs, the DAX falls ….

Thus, there is another risk that LSAP ministers will completely dance with the dominee whip of the OGBL and surrender to the liberal coalition partners. There is still the danger that a majority representative will make a move, make an unhappy statement and bring the barrel to overflow.

the actual battle for deconfiguration, so a portion back to normallity is already a first test. And the government can turn and run as it wishes: no matter what decisions are made, along with bossy results, one cannot.

For example, 6 persons I can receive at most home, provided that we all wear good masks and respect the 2 meter distance; so 8 times 2 meters = 16 meters! Ude, you beautiful Bude! Or is it, as an appeal, to understand our own responsibility? Maximum 6 guests, distributed per week, so that the junk food is less? Wouldn’t it have been better if one had limited the visit to family members? But how is that to be controlled? Restaurant has to stay closed for a while, the fries can go up. With the hairdresser, you have to put on the mask, for the monsieur it is impossible to stomp the beard; at the dentist one has to let the mask feel comfortable or even and how is it in the birth room?

“… and CSV politician Marc Spautz comes with an astonishing question parliamentary …”

And yet, the man claims: “By using the Confinement in mid-March, many businesses with the hint of possible punishments by police officers were allowed to close their doors. These companies are not at fault today if their demand for state-of-the-art services is rejected, with the hint, they would not have been obliged to join ”! How are these stores now helped? Is it possible to run commercials like this?

In general, it is expected that the opposition will slowly drop its strategy of peace, joy, oak and just as the economic crisis approaches, the government is constantly on the sand. Opportunities will be more than enough, the opposition – in particular the CSV – needs to complete the gap between critical attacks and constructive proposals.

however, much depends on the prime minister. Xavier Bettel likes to play as a team player, but more than ever a government team needs a captain, who a) holds the troops together and b) directs the direction in which the country should be led. A role for which political skill and good nerves are needed. Sundays abroad have shown that the main party that is in power, making the most of their antivirus measures, can beat political profits. Thus, in Germany, a CDU has a top value, while for Robert the Green Habeck the dream of the Chancellor’s candidate has ended.

That can, however, quickly turn around, nothing is more volatile than the electorate! For the three government parties, there is no less in the game than a possible continuation of the Gambia. For a CSV, it is not enough to make mistakes by the government, just as the freshman is waiting for the move; it must come up with tangible alternatives, with economic and social measures and which are also credible to the public. As leader Massimo Jean-Claude Juncker said: “Politics is not a game!”

In times of violent economic crisis, this rate is more true than ever!


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