Does the tram share the same lot as 5000 buses?


Ihave been traveling the Kirchberg regularly for the past few weeks. Shortly after 7 a.m. in the tram, 0 to 1 passengers were seated. Just before half-past eight, there were a bakery box. Then there were so many people in the tram that I couldn’t count them anymore. Towards 10 o’clock the tram was almost empty, like three hours before. Just like the buses! And for a while, strenuous, sardine woods, then only a few retirees lose their lives in that much too big sheet car! But nobody knows how the tram will develop. Having said that after the first month, 17,000 people had used the tram, it has to be related: most users make an all-round return, so 17,000 divided by 2 is equal to 8500, right? At Kirchberg, the tram does not disturb me at all … I remain skeptical when it slides through the Old Town, but that was said many 25 years ago when the idea of ​​the tram came up! And today? No one wants to miss the appointment when Bausche Fränz inaugurates a new tram station; then he should not be alone in the photo, after all it would have been a wide parliamentary majority for the modern gospel …. and finally- hopeless! Almost forgotten! – they are equal elections….

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