EU offensive for the hydrogen, but without the greens !

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ure! There, three chemists received their Nobel Prize; they are honored for their work on the development of the large (auto) battery. I don’t want to scare the three gentlemen using their scientific knowledge, but it is still a car battery for the environment. This starts with production (rare earths) and stops during destruction, recycling. A battery lasts a maximum of between 4 and 5 years (ADAC), it costs, depending on the model, between 6000 and 10,000 euros. So if you want to sell an electric car after three years, you will not get much more from it! Apart from this it is always said that a car battery is burning in flames, but there are not enough experiences with this. Fact: a battery that burns gets badly damaged.

Above all, however, it is the practical implementation that is problematic in electromobility. For those living in Luxembourg, the distances in Luxembourg are pretty much perfect: here in the country 10,000 cars run per year on average. So short distances, the Luxembourger is more at risk than he is driving. From theft to the state, all / return, this packs the battery without any problem, that is, without having to recharge in between. It is for this reason why the Greens made their choice years ago, for the tout electric.

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The infrastructure, i.e. charging stations are still lacking, for example, at the car parks of major shopping malls; if a dozen motorists decide to refuel, electricity will ensue. And if even 300,000 cars are zapped into the power box with one another, this is a major challenge for the power grid, which risks falling into the gutters, especially in the winter when more electricity is consumed!

Above all, however, there is still not much electromobility for the very big truck. For the heavy moped tank with a tank between 600 and 1200 liters would be the alternative of hydrogen. At the European level, a huge initiative has been launched at the end of September, only the Luxembourg green!


on 24 September there was a European Energy Council (TTE Energy) and there was a regular offensive from Austria to vigorously support the research of hydrogen. Countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Hungary are convinced that hydrogen has great potential. All countries have signed the offensive, as the last country Sweden has given its full support: today 27 Member States, 2 EFTA states, the European Commission and 100 companies and organizations have signed this initiative, including Luxembourg. However, Green Energy Minister Claude Turmes has a great time. In a report by, he is quoted more than once that Luxembourg is skeptical of this technology.


o accept and remain skeptical!? Somewhere in there, but not also? Clearly, the technology of hydrogen is not yet ripe, nor is it true that the hydrogen does not produce any fuel at all, and yet, significantly less than gasoline and diesel. At the council on September 24, they all seemed happy, except for Claude Turmes. The report says it is about a strong political signal, which is probably not exaggerated; it is all exceptional that, at a later stage, there will be a unanimity in the European Union: Furthermore, KOM has set up an informal network of hydrogen experts. (…) Germany also emphasized that the Hydrogen Initiative continues to support it. ”

That sounds good, even if it’s not for today and tomorrow. But there are just as many complications in terms of electromobility that currently our few want. It was the alternative that could set the old continent apart from the rest of the world, and thus gain more autonomy and stability. So far, it has even been the case that science and research are being resisted – because the sufficient number of incidents have brought about it – and the other side of the ball is giving the Chinese an ever greater advantage in technology. It would be good to know what the blue and red in the government are thinking about!


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